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Heroes from the pasts and K.o’s new friends and Mentor Ideas

If K.o first met The likes of Captain planet...

then can there be any other heroes in O.k K.O lets be Heroes Universe and any humans who would meet them all 🤔?

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• 5d

More season of ok ko

I wish for more ok ko season 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and more Plz🙏😭

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• 1/12/2019

MOTD Ideas Season 3

Every heroes would encounter the strongest evil Creatures and Boxmore robots with minus power levels to boost the heroes up🤔

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• 1/9/2019

Shadowy Figure’s Enigmatic Motivation/Plans Theory

What if the Shadowy Figure have been working with someone else rich and powerful so he can find a way to retrieve the Glorbs so that he would fix the circuits?🤔🤔

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• 1/1/2019

Happy New Year!😃🎆

Happy New Year Ok Ko!

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• 1/1/2019

Season 3 idea!

i really wish for a 3rd season of Ok ko

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• 1/1/2019

Happy 2019 OK K.O.! Wiki!

In UTC time, the wiki entered 2019! We celebrate good times it had in 2018 and now moving forward to 2019.

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• 12/28/2018

Tv Special Idea

Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous meets The board of the Investors old boss, The Big Big Boss.

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• 12/28/2018

K.O’s New Power

What if the S.M.S will teach ko a brand new power?

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• 12/28/2018

Shadowy Figure & Glorbs Theory

The Shadowy Figure obviously wanted the Glorbs not only for himself but also his boss.

In the last episode he said he doesn’t have any time wasting on his hard work and also implying that he let him live.

I don’t know even if he’s working with someone else more than Boxman and Venomous to find a way to harvest more Glorbs🤔

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• 12/28/2018

New Powers

What other hidden potential/all new powers that K.O should be unlock at this time🤔

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• 12/25/2018

Will KO's friends and family soon accept TKO and forgive him after last time

I know there was a post on should TKO appear again also thanks to that guy. but anyways sense TKO is possibly gonna get redemmed will everyone else accept him true he almost destroyed the plaza and almost killed Carol. but we all know after that most fans felt bad for him i mean he was in KO's head for all hid life but even in TKO'd house he doesn't even know his own origins. so what do you guys think should the main cast accept and forgive TKO or not leave your thoughts.

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• 11/6/2018

Gumball Watterson

I disliked Gumball Watterson at that point.

Please select your favorite cartoon how your prefered for!
  • OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
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• 11/5/2018

Restrict move page permission to only admins and mods

Hey everyone, I'm here to make a voting thread about something about that will change a bit for the wiki, it's about restricting the move page right to only moderators and admins in the wiki. This is honestly a first thread that's about something changing to the user rights. But let me cut to the chase. Now, I have a couple reasons why this wiki should restrict the move page permission from non-staff users:

1 - We were recently hit with some vandalism where pages gets moved for no apparent reason and stuff. A few examples where pages gets moved unexpectedly is from Shadowy Figure's gallery page and the most reason hit of page moving vandalism came from Boxmore's gallery page as well. This issue did not stem as of recently, as in the past, there was vandals where they move pages to nonsensical names as well. Now, if you may think this change would be unnecessary, but we won't know if this stuff like this will happen in the near future. Future is unforeseen anyways and it's for the best for the wiki to avoid that issue from happening.

2 - There's another issue with the page move right for non-staff members, couple users neglect the use of the Rename template for articles and the Rename a page category talk page. I find the template and the category talk page essential because you have to give a reason why a page needs to be renamed, same with why you want a page deleted since (content mods and admins can only delete pages). If don't give reasons why a page needs to be moved, then you shouldn't rename a page without reason in the first place. If you have an explainable reason why a page needs to be renamed go to the category talk page to explain it or contact an admin and content mod to explain why it needs to be moved.

3 - This tool is not going to be used regularly honestly, it would be seen as much of an abuse that people would rename pages randomly and stuff. If you're thinking, why can't you lock the rename button for a page?, That still won't cut it. In this wiki, the staff generally rarely protect pages from renaming and we don't protect pages much often unless an edit war or excessive vandalism occurs. Of course people will always edit pages, like I said earlier, renaming pages is not often used regularly and there can be too much abuse if they're doing it for nonsensical reasons.

I'm going try if to contact FANDOM if they would do this, if they can. I've read a forum thread that it's somewhat possible to restrict the move page permission to only mods and admins. If they can work with us. I will update this thread, if not then I guess forget it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

But eh, if you have any comments or questions about this, I would try to answer clearly. Meanwhile, comment what you think about this change.

Shadowy Figure/Gallery
Shadowy Figure/Gallery OK K.O.! Wiki
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• 11/5/2018

Does T.K.O. get a birthday?

On what day should T.K.O.'s birthday be celebrated? (Poll)
  • On K.O.'s birthday (double B-day)
  • On the day he first took over (in the episode "T.K.O.")
  • He has no birthday or it shouldn't be celebrated
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• 10/29/2018
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• 10/25/2018

Crossover Nexus character pages

present the episode page links to pages for characters from their original wikis. What do people think about the idea of making pages here for the versions depicted in that episode?

The animation style is visible different for some of them, such as Raven, for example. Also the extent of their abilities as depicted here is important to document for comparison to their abilities in other franchises.

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• 10/14/2018

At what time does K.O. go to work? How does he juggle school?

Does anyone have an answer? K.O. goes to public school (appearently) but works at the bodega as well. I'm curious as to how this fits into his schedule. Does he go to the bodega after school? Does he do his homework before or after? Does he spend a long time there, or leave at the normal end of a work day at 5-7 pm? I don't need the answer to all these questions, any one of them is fine.

I could probably comb the episodes for specifics on this, but it's 4 am and I'm hoping someone else who already knows can enlighten me on this.

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• 10/3/2018

Changing the order of our episodes list

Hello guys. Pardon if you gotten another announcement again but this one is where you will vote since the previous two had more like announcing what was changed in the wiki but this change will be based on the community vote. This is about how we order episodes and how CN orders their episodes. As we can see, we follow the episode order based on when it was broadcasted on TV. However, there is something that confused people of the ordering. Based on the episodes that are streamed on the app before they get to air on TV, especially the order of Mystery Sleepover to Final Exams. The crossover episodes are placed between them leading to some confusion of whether or not Mystery Sleepover did come before Final Exams (story-wise, it does come before Final Exams). Cartoon Network's scheduling of these episodes are way off. According to Ian Jones-Quartey's twitter post. They intend that Final Exams thru Boxman Crashes were supposed to be after Final Exams then the crossover episodes. But the schedule messed up with it to air the crossover episodes before the September 2018 online episodes. And another part of Ian's tweet goes on that "the order the show's go up online is much closer to our crew's intended story order than the on-air order." (Another side note that Steven Universe did had messing around of order from CN with later season 1B and early Season 2)

So this brings us to the attention of switching to order the episode by online than how we traditionally do it of TV order. I know other shows does order by TV but a change couldn't hurt. But at least the story would make sense by ordering by online order like I previously said about the TV order now.

Another things to note:

-From my blog, the episodes highlighted in purple are the only ones that are getting changed. Which really isn't too much of a big change.

-From counting of which episodes aired more from, the episodes are aired mostly through the app as about 69% aired from the app than from TV where TV aired 31% of the time and it looks like season 2 is starting to air all of its episodes on the app before TV.

Voting Options:

{{Option 1}} - We order by the CN app (online order)

{{Option 2}} - We order by production order

{{Option 3}} - We order by TV (on-air order) (This changes nothing)

ian jq on Twitter
ian jq on Twitter Twitter
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• 10/2/2018
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