• Chrismouse

    What a couple of episodes! Where to begin...

    • I've got to know more about Professor Venomous' offer to Lord Boxman. What exactly are they planning? There's definitely a reason they didn't show us much of the Glorb processor, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Fink's collar...
    • Speaking of which- the Fink and Venomous/ TKO and Shadowy Figure parallells. Venomous can harness the power of Glorbs, but Fink is nowhere near as powerful as TKO was, and also runs out of power quickly. However, TKO was channeling his rage, while Fink was... just being Fink. To add on, Fink seems to have more control over her power and sense of self than KO had with TKO.
    • Will the party have lasting consequences on Lord Boxman's already strained relationship…
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  • Boy-Yo


    So the last episode showed Fink using a glorb, which actually allowed her to tap into powers similar to that of T.K.O.. Makes me wonder... Does K.O. gave, say, an essence of a glorb inside of him?

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  • Caffanisback

    Remember the finale of chowder where Panini and chowder had babies? could fink be one of them and ok ko takes place after chowder in the same universe? could the finale to ok ko where ko is 20 years older, Mr gar is retiring, and ko will marry dandy and have kids and, also ko takes care of the plaza and the bodega becomes Ko"s bodega? could chowder given up his cooking career to become a doctor and a villain, and his last name is venomous. Could Panini left chowder and all but one of her kids is left with chowder and that one was fink.

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  • Entertainment&mediafan98

    This is a little something that I just felt like doing. I arranged the episodes based on their production codes. This somewhat resembles to the Episode Guide article where the episodes are arranged by airdates. In this case, here's how the organization looks like sorted by production code:

    (Note: I will update this when a couple of episodes have their production codes revealed and their episode titles.)

    1. Just Be a Pebble
    2. Jethro's All Yours
    3. TBA
    4. We Messed Up
    5. Let's Be Heroes
    6. Let's Be Friends
    7. You're Everybody's Sidekick
    8. I Am Dendy
    9. You're Level 100!
    10. You Get Me
    11. Sibling Rivalry
    12. My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad
    13. You Are Rad
    14. We've Got Pests
    15. Presenting Joe Cuppa
    16. Do You Have Any More in the Back?
    17. We're Captured
    18. Plazalympics
    19. We Got Hacked
    20. Know Your Mom
    21. You Have to Care
    22. Plaza Prom
    23. F…

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  • Caffanisback

    Why does boxman summon these useless robots anyways,he should summon Raymond more often. He mostly summons Darrel's and jethros instead of making newer stronger robots for unknown reasons, rad and Enid are getting sick of Darrel's.

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  • Chrismouse

    Okay, so first things first... I'm glad we found out about the sandwich incident, but now I have even more questions! Is Laserblast really gone for good? Did Greyman ever get his powers back? What happened to Foxtail and Rippy Roo? And just who was Carol talking to on her headset?

    Also, I noticed that lollipops are a big theme for Laserblast (and his relationship with Silver Spark), and that reminded me of the song "Lollipop" by MIKA. So I drew a picture based on the song and the episode.

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  • Caffanisback

    If your wondering shadow figure's real identity, it's professor venomous. Why?, if your wondering he got chin hair and purple skin like him so they're the same people.soren will love this because this has to deal with k.o. and according to mateus, 90% of KO's fandom thinks shadowy figure's real identity is venomous. Shadowy figure's voice sounds like an autotuned version of venomous's voice.

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  • Gabriel Augusto 111

    pwer card ok ko

    November 7, 2017 by Gabriel Augusto 111

    LayoutModelo OcO "modelo oficial OC" com bases de caracteres e uma base de cartão Pow.O Pow Card assume a aparência de um cartão de troca comum, mas possui uma tela digital que exibe as informações. No centro, há uma imagem do herói ou do vilão. Abaixo está o nome deles, um fato sobre eles, e no canto inferior direito seu nível de energia está listado. O cartão informa o XP para chegar ao próximo nível, bem como estatísticas como resistência, agilidade, vontade, resistência ao medo e informações sobre movimentos de energia. A informação pode ser atualizada deslizando a tela como você faria para um telefone.Aparições do Episódio"Você é o Nível 100!"KO obtém seu primeiro Pow Card. Devido a uma falha, ele mostrou seu nível de potência como "1…

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  • Caffanisback

    ko as spongebob

    November 6, 2017 by Caffanisback

    I imagine the characters as SpongeBob characters. Ko: SpongeBob. Rad: Patrick. Enid: squidward/sandy. Dendy: 2005 sandy. Mr gar.: Mr. Krabs. lord boxman: Sheldon (plankton). Shannon: Karen. Carol: sandy/Ms. Puff/Ms. Squarepants. Pird: that blue fish with a white short and red pants. Also in let's have a stakeout, ko scratched his eyes like Patrick in the third season of spongebob. Go to for more information and by the way I'm more of a cn(okko) fan then a nickelodeon(sbsp)

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  • TreeSmoothie

    K.O.! Discord!

    November 5, 2017 by TreeSmoothie

    If you wanna chat with other active K.O.! fans, go here!

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  • Chrismouse


    November 5, 2017 by Chrismouse

    After seeing the episode "Back in Red Action", I think Red Action and Enid are really cute together! I liked how they both admired each other before they became friends, but were too shy to have the confidence to talk to each other. It's also good character development- before, Enid would always find it hard to talk to Red, kinda like Mr. Gar with Carol. But now they're good friends (or maybe more?) and that makes me happy! I hope we get more episodes where Red and Enid hang out. [[File:RedAndEnid.jpg|thumb|left|I drew this after I watched the episode

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  • TreeSmoothie

    Little rant

    November 4, 2017 by TreeSmoothie

    So, this has gotten pretty annoying. I'm not calling out any specific names, but, the character WAS NOT found by you if it was in an episodes- You were simply just the first one to make a page for it. There might've been someone else, or, even a whole group of people, who have seen them before you. Just because you just add a picture and name to a page does not mean you found the character.

    ,,,same thing as the Character one. I'm sure everyone heard it.

    Just don't include them, or say nothing at all?

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  • Caffanisback

    Here's a top 100 cn songs for it's 25th year.ko songs will be included at the end.

    • 1. Dexter's laboratory credits
    • 2. the aye aye eyes song
    • 3. Johnny bravo theme
    • 4. cow and chicken theme
    • 5. I am weasel theme
    • 6. The powerpuff girls 1999 credits and 2002 movie credits
    • 8. Ed EDd n eddy theme song
    • 9. FRIENDS ARE there to help you
    • 10. Yeshmiyek song
    • 11. That rainbow monkey song!
    • 12. Brains
    • 13. Keeper of the reaper
    • 14. Coco potato
    • 15. Everyone eats potatoes
    • 16. I can't come home cause he's the blame
    • 17. Camp Laszlo theme song
    • 18. My buddy wuddy
    • 19. My gym partners a monkey theme
    • 20.ben 10 2006 theme
    • 21.chowdeer theme
    • 22. Chowder best song
    • 23. fireheart
    • 24 how can I say I love you
    • 25. I don't wanna grow up
    • 26.flapjack theme song
    • 27. Adventu…
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  • Caffanisback

    my new comic series

    November 3, 2017 by Caffanisback

    I will make a new cartoon that will feature ok ko references like that sandwich flash back, but it's a cartoon about two girls who hang out with monsters and will be better then making fiends.this cartoon will feel like it's from the better decade (the 2000's) and it will be nothing like ttg.I don't wanna hear comments like " what doses this has to do with Ko".here's a list of a shows this is basted off of:

    • Ok Ko
    • My life as a teenage robot
    • Making fiends
    • Invader zim
    • Star vs the forces of evil
    • Garfield and friends
    • Darin nefcy's ident with two girls for Disney XD
    • Danny phantom
    • The original teen titans where it actually has action
    • Gravity falls
    • Steven universe
    • Adventure time
    • the buzz on Maggie
    • Nichijou
    • the Simpsons
    • lalaloopsy girls
    • Fairly oddparents
    • Brandy and …
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  • StarSphere08

    Ever since the episode "Do you have any more in the back?" i've been questioning about the location with the tree. now that we got to see more of this location in "Let's have a Stakeout " it just presented more questions, what IS this place's purpose? doe Mr. Gar know what it is? because of the glorbs all over the place i've dubbed this as the Glorb Sanctuary. 

    My Theroy is that this place used to generate the precious orbs in mass quantities, most likely forming off the tree. But after some event the place became vacant, empty, abandoned. How does Shadowy Firgure know about this place? How did that Maze from DYHAMTB? lead to this room?

    but those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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  • Entertainment&mediafan98

    Hey guys, I just want to say that Halloween is today in the wiki time.

    I hope you guys have a good Halloween, dress up as your favorite costume, get candy or go to parties. But be safe as well. :)

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  • Caffanisback

    If you ever asked what are the most realistic cn show it would be's a list of top 5 most realistic cn know what they say " the most realistic cn show should be canceled". Clarence is one of those rare cartoons that has five fingers on each hand, Steven universe also have five fingers on each hand.uncle grandpa and adventure are the most unrealistic cn shows.

    • Clarence
    • ed edd n eddy
    • Steven universe
    • Johnny bravo
    • Ok ko
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  • TreeSmoothie

    Gallery images

    October 29, 2017 by TreeSmoothie

    Because I dunno how to add them manually without their name

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  • Caffanisback

    shannon x darrel

    October 28, 2017 by Caffanisback

    I think they're cute together, and I know they're brother and sisters and not couples. Raymond with them makes them look cuter. I find Darrel funny and Shannon cute especially in the episode We're Captured and in our latest episode.

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  • Chrisouladrivas

    This is something most likely to happen since Ian Jones-Quartey did work on Steven Universe and is in a relationship with Rebbeca Sugar. Just think, how could K.O.'s world and Steven's world combine with each other. Maybe K.O. Might find a mysterious warp pad in the forest behind the Bodega or Steven goes into the OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo arcade game referenced once in one of the episodes in Steven Universe somehow. The possibilities of a crossover may come true. Besides, Steven and K.O. Almost have something in common.

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  • Boy-Yo

    I have recently found out about this show, and I think I love it.

    It does feel like an anime, with many weird characters, funny moments, and serious moments. A show this entertaining deserves to have good voice actors, and it does. But, of course, I would like to see more lend their voices to the show, and I have a few in mind.

    I have a list set up, but I do not have roles for all of them, only four spring out to me. So I'll just list the ones I would like to see without any roles in mind, and then list my top four with roles in mind, in no particular order:

    Ron Perlman

    Scot Menville

    Tara Strong

    Hynden Walch

    Khary Payton

    Greg Cipes

    Lauren Tom

    John Witherspoon

    Regina King

    Gary Anthony Williams

    Phil LaMarr

    Cristina Vee

    John DiMaggio

    Kevin Michael Richardson …

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  • BlunderDip52

    This OK K.O.! game on Cartoon Network's website called "Parking Lot Wars" is said to reveal K.O.'s true name. If you click on the "i" on the top left hand side of the opening screen, it tells you the information on all of the main characters on the show. K.O. appears there, but he's not called K.O. He's called:

    Kaio Kincaid

    (pronounced KAY-oh KIHN-kayd)

    However, Cartoon Network Games is notorious for creating non-canon material. However, they've changed over the years, and maybe this is one step closer in discovering who K.O. is and what his past looked like.

    Let me know in the comments below if you thought this was awesome news or if you feel this is totally non-canon. It's up to you.

    Until Ian JQ confirms or denies this.

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  • TreeSmoothie

    w ow

    So, I've seen a lot of speculation as to who, or "what" K.O.'s dad is. A few people are saying Lazerblast, some say "just a stranger/someone we haven't seen yet", and, sometimes Lord Boxman (which, honestly makes no sense)

    Now, I have seen this a few times, and, I think this makes the most sense: Mr. Gar is K.O.'s dad 

    Evidence? Well, it's practically staring you in the face in "Glory Days", or, in, "We Messed Up". Gar has a ton of pictures and articles from his former residence, P.O.I.N.T., most of them being of, guess who? Silver Spark / Carol / K.O.'s mom. 

    In "Face Your Fears", it is thought that Gar was afraid of Lazerblast, but, was actually CAROL! They could've gotten together and accidently (or not) had K.O., but something happene…

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  • Caffanisback

    The Looney tunes franchise: in Villains' Night Out lord boxman made a cartoon that parodies Looney tunes, Dexter's laboratory: Dexter and Dendy's are smart characters that start with the letter d.ko and carol doesn't have a last name, Dexter and his family also doesn't have a last bane. Johnny bravo: Johnny bravo and rad are muscular and doesn't get girlfriends Powerpuff girls: lord boxman and fuzzy pumpkins are both voiced by Jim Cummings. Ed edd n eddy: Darrel is as dumb as ed, Dendy's name has the letters "e,d, and y" like ed edd n eddy. Grim adventures of Billy and mandy/evil con carne: Darrel and his glasses brain is a reference to boskov, and hector.Enid is similar to Mandy but she's less grumpy. My …

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  • Caffanisback

    Is it a.mojo mojo b. Darrel or c. Fuzzy Lumpkin d. Shannon e. Lord boxman himself f. Raymond g. The gangreengang h. The amoeba boys.

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  • Caffanisback

    ok ko sun and moon

    October 23, 2017 by Caffanisback

    The whole entire series is Pokemon sun and moon but with ok KO characters interacting them and it is poorly dubbed, because it reuses ok KO clips and Pokemon sun and moon clips. Jessie,james, and meowth will be working for boxmore.

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  • Lophornis

    Hi, I brought it up a while back... The current picture in Raymond's page has a lot of mistakes, that's not his real design or how he's suposed to look like, it feels kind of misleading. We have his model sheet picture which is true to his design. I think profile pictures should be the most acurate possible. A poll was suggested to see what people prefere, I'm not sure if this is how you do this but here:

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  • Sorenrulescool5

    Hey guys, Sorenrulescool5 here!  Remember the last blog I made a few weeks ago?   The one were I counted my favorite to least favorite episodes!

    After looking back of what I said to my least favorite, and seeing what others said was the episode they hated, I ending up thinking about:"What do people like about their least favorite episode/episodes?".

    So, I challenge all of you to say something about the episode/epispdes you hate the most in the comments below!  I will do it soon to my least favorite episode, as well.

    So, let's do it!

    Soren out!

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  • RedLightningStrike

    So this other guy created a list of his favorite OK K.O. characters, so I will too! 

    My Top 10 Favorites:                                                                                                                                                   #1. Dendy - Omg I just love her! Her voice is cute, and I like when she just appears out of nowhere. And she's so tech-savy.

    1. 2. Enid - I just love her! She's so cool, she's like what I would be like if I worked there. XD And I love her DJ Fireball suit!
    1. 3. K.O. - How can you not love him!!? He's too adorable and pure!! He's like me at times.
    1. 4. Carol - She's a great and funny mother. I loved how in My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad, how when that Chameleon dude insulted her sun, that she just went bada…
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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Hello everyone! To celebrate me getting over 200 edits and this wiki continusly growing I would like to ask...Who are you favorite charcters from Ok.K.O Let's Be Heros! and if you want you can put why.

    1. I don't know if you can tell but I LOVE Turbo K.O! and I mean LOVE. I could just go on and on and on about how much I LOVE HIM!!!
    2. I like Shadowy Figure as a villain because he is a REAL VILLAIN (unlike Lord Boxman) and he will make the show soo interesting to watch (not that it already is)
    3. I like Enid because I can relate so much to her. ( I also think middle school Enid is so adorable)
    4. I think (middle school) Rad is sooo cute.
    5. Carol is a funny and cool character, especially as a mom!
    6. K.O is just so innocent and cute. His little self just make me …

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  • Chrismouse

    Shadowy Figure Theories

    October 11, 2017 by Chrismouse

    So lately on this wiki, I've noticed that many people are theorizing about Shadowy Figure. These theories are usually as follows:

    1. Laserblast is Shadowy Figure
    2. Shadowy Figure is Professor Venomous
    3. Professor Venomous was Laserblast
    4. They're all the same person, or
    5. They're not related whatsoever.

    So what do you think? Write your theory in the comments and explain why!

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  • Caffanisback

    something to say

    October 10, 2017 by Caffanisback

    I earned the something to say badge

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  • RoxyRebecca

    I know that the OK K.O. Fanon Wiki is small, but with your help, we can make it huge. You can help us by creating pages, making edits, adding comments, and keeping the wiki full of activity! Let's do it!!

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Hello everyone! I would like to become The owner of the Ok.KO fanon wiki. This Wiki is were anyone can make their own costume characters from Ok.K.O. The real owner got banned so i think I will be a great owner and help make the Ok.K.O community grow! I beleve in this wiki and I need your help! I need people to agree that I could be the new owner of the Wiki! Together I KNOW this wiki will be amazing!! It might even end up like th SU fanon wiki!

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    I was wondering...When did Turbo K.O. make his video in the episode "KO's Video Channel "?

    He said "Everyone keeps saying Im cute and a hard worker." But Mr. Gar and Enid said that he was cute and a hard worker IN the episode T.K.O. but AFTER the episode he turned back to normal right? So did he get very angry again later and then make that video afterwords??

    Any theories on this?

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Hello everyone in Lakewood Plaza!

    i just wanted to ask... does anyone else have a broken Rad and Enid page. I wont let me comment or edit. I tried everything from refreshing the page to going on a different browser to just trying a different computer and nothing seems to be working! Im pretty sure its not just me but if it is pls let me know and ill ask one of the admins to fix it also.

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  • StevensGem

    Ello! Just to notify you all, I will be off this wikia for about another week, I already had one week off, and I need one more, because I'm quite busy! I will see you all friday or saturday at most.

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  • Sorenrulescool5

    Hey guys!  Sorenrulescool5 here!  It's been awhile the last time I joined a wiki.  The last one was this one, and damn I don't regret it at all!  To celebrate the over 400, yes over 400 edits I have done, I will be counted down episodes I love and hate.  Note that I like every episode!  I only hate one episode.  So, with that all settled, lets start!

    An episode I love:"T.K.O." (This episode rocked my socks!  I just love it!  Turbo K.O. KILLED me inside.  Let me paint a picture for you guys:Me and my siblings, in the living room, watching Cartoon network, the coming up next thing pops up, emo K.O., OH MY GOSH it's beutiful!  I must add my sister attacked my for freaking out, because I was freaking about it all day!  10/10)

    ​Episodes I really …

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  • Dani2021

    Image songs for this show

    October 6, 2017 by Dani2021

    If the Writers of this show made Image songs for Characters on this show, what would the lyrics be like?, and will they explain more about character? Just something that I want to talk about for my first blog post on this Wiki.

    (P.s I finally got the idea of doing this blog After listening to Kinnikuman Character songs on youtube(I bet you guys don't know that show but you would at least know about Ultimate Muscle the english dub sequel to that show.)

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx


    October 4, 2017 by Xx1Nightmare1xx

    In the episode "Lets Have a Stakeout" when K.O was going to turn in to T.K.O i was soo excited but then...NOO he was trying to control himself and he didnt turn in to T.K.O!


    Did anyone esle get mad when that happed??

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  • MsEnid

    Guess What?

    October 2, 2017 by MsEnid

    Hi everyone, it's MsEnid here. Guess what? I'm making an OK KO Fanon wiki! I'd like to work with the other admins, content mods, ect, but you guys can help too. MsEnid (talk) 23:24, October 2, 2017 (UTC)

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  • PielordMatt

    decided to make a big thing with all the Boxmore Stuff from the Mobile Game, so here ya go.

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  • Hectorvonjekyllhyde

    I was told I could post OCs if they're on a blog and not anything canon. So I hope this is the right way to do it.

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  • Hectorvonjekyllhyde

    I was just wondering, is there a OK KO fan site where you can post OCs? I mean I'm asking because I saw a whole ton of OCs made by people and I've made some too.

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  • StevensGem

    OK K.O. Head Species?

    September 24, 2017 by StevensGem

    Anyone else notice the characters with things for heads and then they have human bodies? I find them hilarious, like how do they even see? Well other than the ice cream lady. Just a funny thing I want to share.

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  • StevensGem

    Problems With Editing

    September 24, 2017 by StevensGem

    If you have done anything stated in here, do not be offended or worried about anything, I just want to notify this to people.

    PLEASE do not edit any of the articles with your theories. By this, I mean, the fact that people might add their theories in the info section or something on an article.


    • Before: In her past, she has had acne and braces.
    • After (edited version): In her past, she has had acne and braces. She has been bullied by her friends at school, casuing her to try to stay hidden in her jacket.

    ​This would be a theory, not actually information from the show, or the Ok K.O. staff. I have seen some people do this before, I'm not going to point out who or anything, but I would like if you try to restrict yourself from doing this. …

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  • StevensGem

    Roblox Reference In OK KO!

    September 21, 2017 by StevensGem

    I was just watching OK KO and spotted the tix sign from roblox in the background! It looks just like it!! :O

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  • PielordMatt

    And no, I don't mean Sara and Teagan, there are four boxmore robots in the mobile game that are really weird, two of them are Rob and Gaston, turquoise robots that ride on a machine, and one of them is a pink-red robot called Hubert, with wrecking ball hands, and one is a huge semi-truck named Alfred.

    I finally found some semi decent pictures of them. Here they are as follows:

    • Rob (Left) and Gaston (Right): Turquoise

    • Hubert: Red-Orange

    • Alfred (Huge Truck Robot): Violet

    • Ray and Jay: Blue-Green I believe
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  • StevensGem

    This sun is beautiful. But would he count as a character? He has an age, unknown level, a name, an actor, etc. Should we? x3

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  • StevensGem

    So many editing.. o.o

    September 17, 2017 by StevensGem

    I am IN LOVE with this wiki! I keep editing pages all the time and I actually enjoy doing it. I even added 10 pages today. it's just so fun to be on here and interact with other Ok K.O.! lovers and fans. And I've edited so many things that has helped this community become better! :D This wiki is short, which makes it simple, unlike the SU wiki that is full of editors and people that it's hard to find errors in anything these days. So I rather be in this wiki tbh.

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