• RedLightningStrike

    So this other guy created a list of his favorite OK K.O. characters, so I will too! 

    My Top 10 Favorites:                                                                                                                                                   #1. Dendy - Omg I just love her! Her voice is cute, and I like when she just appears out of nowhere. And she's so tech-savy.

    1. 2. Enid - I just love her! She's so cool, she's like what I would be like if I worked there. XD And I love her DJ Fireball suit!
    1. 3. K.O. - How can you not love him!!? He's too adorable and pure!! He's like me at times.
    1. 4. Carol - She's a great and funny mother. I loved how in My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad, how when that Chameleon dude insulted her sun, that she just wanted ba…
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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Hello everyone! To celebrate me getting over 200 edits and this wiki continusly growing I would like to ask...Who are you favorite charcters from Ok.K.O Let's Be Heros! and if you want you can put why.

    1. I don't know if you can tell but I LOVE Turbo K.O! and I mean LOVE. I could just go on and on and on about how much I LOVE HIM!!!
    2. I like Shadowy Figure as a villain because he is a REAL VILLAIN (unlike Lord Boxman) and he will make the show soo interesting to watch (not that it already is)
    3. I like Enid because I can relate so much to her. ( I also think middle school Enid is so adorable)
    4. I think (middle school) Rad is sooo cute.
    5. Carol is a funny and cool character, especially as a mom!
    6. K.O is just so innocent and cute. His little self just make me …

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  • Chrismouse

    Shadowy Figure Theories

    October 11, 2017 by Chrismouse

    So lately on this wiki, I've noticed that many people are theorizing about Shadowy Figure. These theories are usually as follows:

    1. Laserblast is Shadowy Figure
    2. Shadowy Figure is Professor Venomous
    3. Professor Venomous was Laserblast
    4. They're all the same person, or
    5. They're not related whatsoever.

    So what do you think? Write your theory in the comments and explain why!

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  • Caffanisback

    something to say

    October 10, 2017 by Caffanisback

    I earned the something to say badge

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  • RoxyRebecca

    I know that the OK K.O. Fanon Wiki is small, but with your help, we can make it huge. You can help us by creating pages, making edits, adding comments, and keeping the wiki full of activity! Let's do it!!

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Hello everyone! I would like to become The owner of the Ok.KO fanon wiki. This Wiki is were anyone can make their own costume characters from Ok.K.O. The real owner got banned so i think I will be a great owner and help make the Ok.K.O community grow! I beleve in this wiki and I need your help! I need people to agree that I could be the new owner of the Wiki! Together I KNOW this wiki will be amazing!! It might even end up like th SU fanon wiki!

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    I was wondering...When did Turbo K.O. make his video in the episode "KO's Video Channel "?

    He said "Everyone keeps saying Im cute and a hard worker." But Mr. Gar and Enid said that he was cute and a hard worker IN the episode T.K.O. but AFTER the episode he turned back to normal right? So did he get very angry again later and then make that video afterwords??

    Any theories on this?

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Hello everyone in Lakewood Plaza!

    i just wanted to ask... does anyone else have a broken Rad and Enid page. I wont let me comment or edit. I tried everything from refreshing the page to going on a different browser to just trying a different computer and nothing seems to be working! Im pretty sure its not just me but if it is pls let me know and ill ask one of the admins to fix it also.

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  • StevensGem

    Ello! Just to notify you all, I will be off this wikia for about another week, I already had one week off, and I need one more, because I'm quite busy! I will see you all friday or saturday at most.

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  • Sorenrulescool5

    Hey guys!  Sorenrulescool5 here!  It's been awhile the last time I joined a wiki.  The last one was this one, and damn I don't regret it at all!  To celebrate the over 400, yes over 400 edits I have done, I will be counted down episodes I love and hate.  Note that I like every episode!  I only hate one episode.  So, with that all settled, lets start!

    An episode I love:"T.K.O." (This episode rocked my socks!  I just love it!  Turbo K.O. KILLED me inside.  Let me paint a picture for you guys:Me and my siblings, in the living room, watching Cartoon network, the coming up next thing pops up, emo K.O., OH MY GOSH it's beutiful!  I must add my sister attacked my for freaking out, because I was freaking about it all day!  10/10)

    ​Episodes I really …

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  • Dani2021

    Image songs for this show

    October 6, 2017 by Dani2021

    If the Writers of this show made Image songs for Characters on this show, what would the lyrics be like?, and will they explain more about character? Just something that I want to talk about for my first blog post on this Wiki.

    (P.s I finally got the idea of doing this blog After listening to Kinnikuman Character songs on youtube(I bet you guys don't know that show but you would at least know about Ultimate Muscle the english dub sequel to that show.)

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx


    October 4, 2017 by Xx1Nightmare1xx

    In the episode "Lets Have a Stakeout" when K.O was going to turn in to T.K.O i was soo excited but then...NOO he was trying to control himself and he didnt turn in to T.K.O!


    Did anyone esle get mad when that happed??

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  • MsEnid

    Guess What?

    October 2, 2017 by MsEnid

    Hi everyone, it's MsEnid here. Guess what? I'm making an OK KO Fanon wiki! I'd like to work with the other admins, content mods, ect, but you guys can help too. MsEnid (talk) 23:24, October 2, 2017 (UTC)

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  • PielordMatt

    decided to make a big thing with all the Boxmore Stuff from the Mobile Game, so here ya go.

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  • Hectorvonjekyllhyde

    I was told I could post OCs if they're on a blog and not anything canon. So I hope this is the right way to do it.

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  • Hectorvonjekyllhyde

    I was just wondering, is there a OK KO fan site where you can post OCs? I mean I'm asking because I saw a whole ton of OCs made by people and I've made some too.

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  • StevensGem

    OK K.O. Head Species?

    September 24, 2017 by StevensGem

    Anyone else notice the characters with things for heads and then they have human bodies? I find them hilarious, like how do they even see? Well other than the ice cream lady. Just a funny thing I want to share.

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  • StevensGem

    Problems With Editing

    September 24, 2017 by StevensGem

    If you have done anything stated in here, do not be offended or worried about anything, I just want to notify this to people.

    PLEASE do not edit any of the articles with your theories. By this, I mean, the fact that people might add their theories in the info section or something on an article.


    • Before: In her past, she has had acne and braces.
    • After (edited version): In her past, she has had acne and braces. She has been bullied by her friends at school, casuing her to try to stay hidden in her jacket.

    ​This would be a theory, not actually information from the show, or the Ok K.O. staff. I have seen some people do this before, I'm not going to point out who or anything, but I would like if you try to restrict yourself from doing this. …

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  • StevensGem

    Roblox Reference In OK KO!

    September 21, 2017 by StevensGem

    I was just watching OK KO and spotted the tix sign from roblox in the background! It looks just like it!! :O

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  • PielordMatt

    And no, I don't mean Sara and Teagan, there are four boxmore robots in the mobile game that are really weird, two of them are Rob and Gaston, turquoise robots that ride on a machine, and one of them is a pink-red robot called Hubert, with wrecking ball hands, and one is a huge semi-truck named Alfred.

    I finally found some semi decent pictures of them. Here they are as follows:

    • Rob (Left) and Gaston (Right): Turquoise

    • Hubert: Red-Orange

    • Alfred (Huge Truck Robot): Violet

    • Ray and Jay: Blue-Green I believe
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  • StevensGem

    This sun is beautiful. But would he count as a character? He has an age, unknown level, a name, an actor, etc. Should we? x3

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  • StevensGem

    So many editing.. o.o

    September 17, 2017 by StevensGem

    I am IN LOVE with this wiki! I keep editing pages all the time and I actually enjoy doing it. I even added 10 pages today. it's just so fun to be on here and interact with other Ok K.O.! lovers and fans. And I've edited so many things that has helped this community become better! :D This wiki is short, which makes it simple, unlike the SU wiki that is full of editors and people that it's hard to find errors in anything these days. So I rather be in this wiki tbh.

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  • Top-gem

    A crossover between OK K.O.! and Captain Planet is confirmed.

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  • Lophornis

    Raymond profile picture

    September 9, 2017 by Lophornis

    Hi, isn't it better to use this picture in Raymond's wiki page? The drawing currently used has a lot of design mistakes (his waist is wrong, he has no elbow spike, etc) This one is more accurate and it's from his model sheet.

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  • Aqoui

    What kind of villain?

    September 7, 2017 by Aqoui

    I was wondering what kind of villain lord boxman is...

    in my opinion, he's a likable villain. He doesn't seem to oppose the characters goals. i guess he trys to destroy the plaza because he hates people but... he just does not come off as evil to me at all. the recent episode, T.K.O, showed me that lord boxman is not the villain to be feared. all in all, i think lord boxman is just a comedic relief villain, and maybe he even has a shot at redemption. 

    anyways, heres a 1 minute doodle of boxboy:

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  • Gangsta-chowder

    Episode Ideas

    September 7, 2017 by Gangsta-chowder

    I have several ideas for future episodes. Check them out.

    • Freezer Parasite: In a homage to "The Thing", K.O., Rad, and Enid discover a mysterious creature in the freezer which soon begins to infect them.
    • Pet Sitter: K.O. agrees to babysit his neighbor's cat, only for the cat to get mixed up with Mikayla.
    • Enid is Rich!: After Enid receives a million dollar fortune, her friendship with K.O. and Rad falls apart.
    • Fight Club: K.O. and Rad make the massive mistake when they ditch their job to join a fight club.
    • Real Name: Darrell threatens K.O. to say his real name in front of a crowd of people when he is chosen to give a speech at Lakewood Plaza.
    • Heroes Tonight: K.O. tells a big lie to a talk show host.
    • Lanette and Boxman: K.O. finds Lord Boxman's di…
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  • ApisApini

    Who is K.O.'s Father?

    September 7, 2017 by ApisApini

    (mega spoilers for T.K.O. ahead.)

    After watching T.K.O., I had a lot of theories and ideas as to who K.O.'s dad could be. I'll be listing my theories in order of plausibility (in my opinion). I'll also be arguing the pros (normal text) and cons (italics) of each theory, to address the potential flaws in each.

    note: I don't particularly believe or not believe in any of these theories. I like almost all of them the same, and would be equally excited if any of them were true!

    • Laserblast is the only other named P.O.I.N.T. member than Carol and Gar, so he is important to the narrative.
      • A lot of characters are mentioned to give the story flavor. Is Crinkly Wrinkly important to the story? He's mentioned even more times than Laserblast.
    • Carol had K.O. 6 …

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  • BlunderDip52

    Do Mr. Gar and Carol have romantic history together?

    I say yes, because in the episode T.K.O. when Gar spills the beans that he loved K.O.'s mom, she said "Not that" instead of being all shocked and surprised. This implies that Carol knows what Gar means by that, but it could also be Carol trying to quickly calm (Turbo) K.O. down and didn't have time to talk about Gar-loves-Carol nonsense. Maybe he could be K.O.'s unknown father that has been lurking since the episode "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad" (but maybe not).

    As such, these are just my own thoughts, so comment on this if you thought this was helpful or if you want to add to this thought.

    (P.S. I have seen the episode "Face Your Fears" and I know they were both in a group known as POINT.) …

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  • Purplepuma779

    This wiki, to me personally, is my favorite that I've seen so far!

    I've never gotten to really experience a new Wiki before, I've mainly only seen the ones that have been around for two years or more. Personally, I think it's a fun experience!

    I'm actually starting to get used to doing more than just minor edits(from working with pages that are mostly stubs), and the community is quite nice here!

    It's not crowded with edits like some of the older wikis, so there's more of a chance that I can edit the pages before others can, and it's greatly improving my skills from that.

    Overall, I'm probably going to be staying with this wiki for a while!

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  • Sorenrulescool5


    August 27, 2017 by Sorenrulescool5

    Hi!  My name's Sorenrulescool5, but you can call me Soren, Raven or Ivy.  I have known about this show since the short's came out, and I fell in love with it.  Then I saw episode 2 when it was leaked, and the rest is history.  I also work on the total drama wiki! 

                              Thoughts about the show
    Favorite characters:K.O., Dendy and Fink
    Least favorite character/characters:None yet.....
    Favorite epsiode:Let's be freinds
    Least favorite episode:You get me

    That's all ya need to bout my opions on the show...but I made ocs!

    Lil, Calimeria 'Cali', Tomsin 'Tom', Lumeria 'Luna', Tyler 'Ty' and Cameron 'Jay'.

    Welp, that's all ya need to know bout me as a whole about this show.  See ya!



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  • Wamiyo

    My Avatar

    August 25, 2017 by Wamiyo

    I just used a muffin to make account but now I CANT SWITCH!!!

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  • WikiHarmless

    Most I've Done Ever

    August 23, 2017 by WikiHarmless

    So I am very good at typing and stuff and I like O.K. K.O. so far so I was wondering if there was a wiki. And there was, so I looked.

    I guess since it's new, I did some minor edits. I have never done some many though. 

    I hope I am doing it right...

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  • Gangsta-chowder

    I have several theories on OK K.O. Warning some of these theories are pretty dark.

    What Happened to K.O.'s Father What happened to K.O.'s father and why is Mr. Gar in an affair with Carol. Well, it goes to show that K.O.'s father died in a car crash before K.O. was born. Or it could be that Carol is divorced.

    Lord Boxman Is Mentally Ill Despite being the main villain of the show, Lord Boxman isn't as sinister as he appears to be; He's mentally ill. He lost his sanity because of a loss with his family and blamed Mr. Gar on it. It could be why he considers his robots to be his children, because they were modeled after his real children. Lord Boxman also rarely goes outside and has his robots do the work to wreak havoc on our heroes.

    Dendy is the …

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  • Torteraex

    Hey, I've got a Raymond

    August 12, 2017 by Torteraex

    I'm new to this so this is my first effort to a contribution (hope I did this right)! I traced it from a moment in the fight during Sibling Rivalry. Can I put this on the Raymond page?:

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  • Pepearl


    August 11, 2017 by Pepearl
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  • GalacticDrake

    I've never really contributed to a wiki as new as this, so i've only ever done very minor edits. I've got to say, creating whole new pages and such is actually really fun! I feel like i'm honestly helping out :3

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  • Hectorvonjekyllhyde

    This is ridiculous! For so long I have been trying to get a job as cartoon character designer and voice actor for OK KO Let's Be Heroes and with no results whatsoever! I've made voice demos, posted some character ideas, tried to talk with the workers of OK KO, AND made an application to Cartoon Network Studios, TWICE even! And so far I've had little to no recognition, no notices, and not even any replies on Tumblr, Twitter, or YouTube! This makes me feel like I'm a complete worthless nobody! I know this may sound childish, but this is how I really feel right now. I just don't know what to do anymore. What do you guys think? I know nobody would even care how I feel but still.

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  • AquaTCS

    My fav. Characters.

    August 5, 2017 by AquaTCS
    1. Enid
    2. K.O.
    3. Carrol
    4. Dendy
    5. Radicles 

    I am done. -_-

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  • Dapigin

    OK KO Discord!

    July 15, 2017 by Dapigin

    I made a discord for OK KO Fans to hang out and talk Here's the link:

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  • Gangsta-chowder

    Hi! I am here to say that I have become a newcomer to this wiki! You have probalby seen me on other Cartoon Network wikis like Flapjack Wiki Harbor and the Regular Show Wiki. I am so excited for this series and can't wait for more episodes!

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  • Top-gem

    100 Pages

    July 13, 2017 by Top-gem

    The wiki's almost to 100 pages already. Nice, lol.

    Cʜᴏᴡᴅᴇʀ"Hᴀᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴛʀɪᴇᴅ ᴀsᴋɪɴɢ ɴɪᴄᴇʟʏ?" 15:35, July 13, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Hectorvonjekyllhyde

    I've signed up for a while ago and I'm still waiting to get a job! Can anyone tell me how I can get a job to lend my voice to a character?

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  • Bodd Boward

    Key to the plaza

    June 25, 2017 by Bodd Boward


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  • NeoplanDan

    Based on some wikis (e.g Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, etc) usually has a wiki wordmark that everyone usually see on the top left of the page, but i want to know if there's any use of it? Despite that it means either users originates or comes from different wikis that they associated with or smh, i remember seeing it from the Clarence Wiki (The other wiki that i go occasionally), where it has Steven Universe with it.

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  • Courageguy

    So, honestly, I'm pretty excited for the show to finally air for people to see. I've heard about the show and looked at it ever since late 2015 to early 2016 forward. The animation style looks like it's gonna be on the softer side, almost like sonic cd. But, as the title states, the series will launch on CN in the summer of 2017 so keep your head up.

    Here's a clip of what the intro's going to look like:

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