• NeoplanDan

    Based on some wikis (e.g Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, etc) usually has a wiki wordmark that everyone usually see on the top left of the page, but i want to know if there's any use of it? Despite that it means either users originates or comes from different wikis that they associated with or smh, i remember seeing it from the Clarence Wiki (The other wiki that i go occasionally), where it has Steven Universe with it.

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  • Courageguy

    So, honestly, I'm pretty excited for the show to finally air for people to see. I've heard about the show and looked at it ever since late 2015 to early 2016 forward. The animation style looks like it's gonna be on the softer side, almost like sonic cd. But, as the title states, the series will launch on CN in the summer of 2017 so keep your head up.

    Here's a clip of what the intro's going to look like:

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