"Boxmore Infomercial" is the twelfth short of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.


An infomercial featuring Lord Boxman is shown.


The commercial begins with Lord Boxman advertising his robots, with very low quality acting and green-screening. He briefly describes the services his robots can provide. Vormulax reads off an obviously scripted customer testimonial. Miss Quantum describes how the Boxmore boxes are perfect for her cats, to the dismay of Lord Boxman. The focus shifts suddenly to an obviously disinterested Professor Venomous, who is out for a walk with Fink. Lord Boxman, with the help of Darrell, tells the audience that a robot costs 5,000,000 Technos. Shannon sings a jingle for the company very loudly, but the infomercial abruptly ends before it is finished. We cut to Lord Boxman, Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond, who have been watching the infomercial the whole time. Raymond comments positively on their work. Lord Boxman, insecure about how he looked on camera, questions if he's puffy. Shannon complains that her jingle is cut off; when Raymond mentions it was cut for time, Shannon prepares to hit him, but the short ends with static before she does.





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