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[The short begins with a static screen, then quickly changes to a shot of a Darrell laughing in black and white]

Raymond: [Narrating] Villains of the world,

[Suddenly a K.O. cardboard figure shows up, it has a mustache and "angry eyebrows" drawn on it]

Raymond: [Narrating] has this ever happened to you?

[There's a shot of Darrell pretending to get punched, and dramatically dropping to the ground]

Raymond: [Narrating] Are you sick of fighting your own battles?

[The Darrell on the ground nods and we get a shot of Boxman walking around inside Boxmore]

Boxman: Well, don't! [Screen changes and we're shown Darrells being built behind Boxman] Here at Boxmore we build quality robot henchman. [The screen changes again and now we're shown the robots' parts being put in boxes] Box 'em up, and ship them right to your evil lair.

[We're now shown a split screen, the left one has regular Boxman in it while the right one has Boxman pretending to be a truck driver]

Boxman: [Knocks on the truck twice] Where they'll take the hit so you don't have to!

Boxman: [Pretending to be a truck driver] But don't take it from me!

[Screen cuts to an interview with Vormulax]

Vormulax: [Reading some lines that are off screen] When I had troubles with... [Squints eyes] Heroes... Boxmore robots... Er... S-Saaaved the duh-...Day! [Smiles] Day. Thanks, Boxmore. [Turns to the left] Was that good?

[The scene changes to another interview, this time with Miss Quantum]

Miss Quantum: [Petting a cat on her lap while other cats can be seen in the background playing with Boxmore boxes] I was hesitant at first, but I'm so glad I placed the order! The cats just love these boxes!

Boxman: [Off screen, whispering] What about the robots...

Miss Quantum: Say what, now?

Boxman: [Still whispering, but in a more aggressive tone] The robots.

Miss Quantum: [Putting a hand up to her ear] I-... I can't hear you. What?

Boxman: [Shouting and startling the cats] THE RO-

[Screen changes to a shot of Professor Venomous walking around with Fink on a leash, seemingly on an airport]

Venomous: What?! Oh. [Speaking in a hurry] Oh-... Yeah, yeah,yeah. They're- They're great.

Fink: [Pointing towards something off screen] Can I get an ice cream?

[The scene changes to a frontal shot of Boxman, he's sitting at his desk with a mug reading "#1 Dad" and a golden plate with his name inscribed on it near him]

Boxman: So, how much would you expect to pay for this remarkable service?

[Screen changes to a shot of Darrell]

Darrell: 20,000,000 technos?

Boxman: [Off screen] No.

Darrell: 10,000,000 technos?

Boxman: [Off screen] Guess again.

Darrell: [In shock] 5,000,000 technos?!!!

[The scene changes to a close up shot of Boxman]

Boxman: Yup.

[Screen changes to a shot of Darrell and his head explodes]

Raymond:[Off screen, reading] Limited time financing available at 0% APR

[Screen changes to a shot Boxmore's parking lot, Boxman stands there with a bunch of Darrells, Shannons and Raymonds]

Boxman: So what are you waiting for? Come on down to...

Shannon: [Off screen, singing] Boxmooore... Where you get moooore.... For-... [Infomercial ends]

[We change to a scene with Boxman, Raymond, Shannon and Darrel reviewing the Infomercial's footage]

Raymond: I don't know guys... I think it's a slam dunk.

Boxman: Oh... I look so-... Puffy... [Turning to the robots] Am I getting puffy? You can say it. I'm getting puffy aren't I? This isn't puff?!

Darrell: No, no, no, no...

Shannon: [Shaking Raymond] What. Happened. To the rest of my jingle?!

Raymond: Uh. Cut for ti-...

[Short ends the moment it seems Shannon is about to punch Raymond]

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