Crudde is a minor character in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. He's a ghost, and lives with Spanky in the basement of Enid's parent's house.

Physical Appearance

Crudde is a tall, skinny, blue, transparent ghost, with long arms, and a long, pointy dark nose. He has freckles, and wears a tall hat.


Crudde seems to have fun making mischief. He gets mad when he thinks Enid's family, Rad and K.O. are making fun of ghosts, even though they were just having fun looking at pictures, he decides to take revenge. He likes to disturb others by possessing people and making them do dangerous things, while recruiting Spanky along with him on his misbehaviours.

Abilities and Powers

  • Ghost Physiology: He has the usual powers of a ghost.
    • Intangibility: He can phase through solid materials.
    • Levitation: He can float.
    • Possession: He is able to take over a person's body and control them through there.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • He was designed by Stevie Borbolla.
  • He is voiced by Joe Nipote, who also voiced a ghost by the name of Stretch, from Casper.
    • This makes Crudde, Joe's second time voicing a ghost.
  • Crudde, along with Spanky, is based on ghosts from old cartoons (specifically "Lonesome Ghosts", a 1937 Disney short).
  • His hat looks very similar to that of Goofy's.


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