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[The episode begins in Gar's Bodega. Rad is holding a magazine and talking to K.O.]

Rad: The thing about magazines is: they're not free, right?

K.O.: Yup. That's the thing about magazines.

Rad: [Shows a magazine page containing a free sample for invisibility juice] But, the free samples inside the magazines, are totally free.

[Rad starts rubbing the page on himself while giggling and starts turning invisible. K.O. does the same thing as Rad and also starts turning invisible. The scene transitions using Rad's head.]

Rad: [During transition, whispering.] Rad knows.

[In the next scene, Rad and K.O. are standing next to a crate of bombs.]

Rad: Freshness is key when picking the perfect explosive. [He picks up a bomb, flicks it and it explodes in his face.] Too ripe.

[The scene transitions using Rad's head again.]

Rad: [During transition, whispering.] Rad knows.

[In the next scene, Rad and K.O. are standing next to the juice dispensers. Rad is holding cups of different sizes.]

Rad: You got your standard cup sizes. [He picks up K.O.] But did you know, that the biggest cup of all, is your skull. [He places K.O. under a juice dispenser and opens his mouth.] Behold!

[Rad turns on the juice dispenser and K.O.'s mouth starts filling up with juice. Once full, Rad then turns off the machine and pushes K.O. onto the floor.]

K.O.: [Muffled] Gosh rad. [He swallows the juice and talks normally.] How do you even know all this stuff?

Rad: Because K.O., I know, everything. [Starts walking away.]

K.O.: [Amazed] Everything? [Follows Rad.]

Rad: For instance: [He picks up a box using the levitation beam from his finger and throws it away.] Did you know that Gar's Bodega is named after Mr. Gar, our boss?

K.O.: No way!

Enid: Of course it's named after Mr. Gar. Everyone knows that.

[Holo-Jane nods in agreement.]

Rad: Please Enid. You're just jealous because I figured it out first, and you're only pretending that you knew.

K.O.: Yeah Enid. Rad knows everything.

Enid: Who told you that?

K.O.: [Gestures to Rad.] He did.

[Fish Dude approaches Rad.]

Fish Dude: Uh, excuse me? I was looking for the super shaving cre-

Rad: Shaving beams are in isle three dude.

Fish Dude: Uh no. Super shaving cream. You guys are all out. Do you have any more in the back?

K.O.: [Gasps] The back of the store? The most dangerous and mysterious maze known to employee-kind?

[The title card appears]

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