Enid is one of the main characters in the OK K.O.! series


Enid is tall with a thin build. She has tanned skin, and wavy, purple hair. Her hair extends slightly past her back. She has big eyes, a long, strangely shaped nose, and thin lips; She typically wears a ripped blue top, black shorts, brown boots and white cloth wrappings.

In the pilot and video game, she wears a short-sleeved blue top, along with a matching knee length drape, and she has wrappings around her waist and forearms.

In the Let's Be Heroes shorts, she wears a blue midriff top that is sleeveless, and she has wrappings around her upper arms.


Enid is the most responsible of the main trio. She tries to use logic and critical thinking to make rational decisions. This is primarily shown in the Pilot, in which she stops KO from calling a power battle based on KO's shoddy detective work. She seems to react to irresponsibility the way a normal human being would, as she complained about KO making "another hole in the ceiling." She could be quite patient considering the idea of how many times KO made a hole in the ceiling prior to the Pilot. Unlike Rad, who seems to enjoy making fun of KO, she looks after KO and tries to stop him from getting into trouble. 


Enid's main special move is a power kick, which is accompanyed by orange flames. She has been seen using this kick in the show pilot to knock KO and Rad apart while they were fighting, and also to give KO a boost so he can catch up to Darrel.

In the short, "Enid's Bad Day," Enid has also been shown using the power of soul sucking when she became incredibly stressed. While in this state, she levitated above the ground and a blue whirlwind captured people's bodies, while Enid herself swallowed their souls, including KO's. After taking a break, however, she can easily recover and is able to give back KO's soul.


  • Enid resembles Opal from another cartoon network original, "Steven Universe", which Ian JQ worked on from around 2012 to 2015. It is unknown whether this is intentional or not.
  • Enid's wrappings appear to be sarashi.
  • Enid makes a close resemblance to video game character, Shantae due to her hairstyle and tanned skin.



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