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[The episode's setting begins inside of Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega]

[Enid is sitting on the cash register counter and has sunglasses on]

K.O.: My co-worker, Enid is the coolest! She runs the front counter and she's really good at it.

[KO tosses four different groceries in the air to which Enid scans and puts in a grocery bag really quickly]

Enid: Have a punchtastic day!

[Enid takes off her sunglasses and sees a fly buzzing around near her. From a distance, it looks like Enid actually karate choped the fly itself, but really she just actually just karate chopped the tiny wood plank in the fly's 'hands']

Enid: High-Ya!

Sensei Fly: Ah, great form!

Enid: Thank you, tiny sensei.

KO: Enid, how can I be as cool as you?

Enid: [Up close to KO; Whispering] KO, you'll never be as cool as me.

KO: Wow!

Enid: [Laughs].

[The OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes logo appears]

Enid: [Standing on counter; To KO & Radicles] I'm on the counter, so I'm in change! Go clean up that expired yogurt, underlings!

KO: Let me at it! [Goes over to where the yogurt brand Yogo, is at; Throws a container of it up in the air and hits it] Puppy power!

[The green yogurt falls out of the container and onto KO's hair]

Radicles: [Scoffs] Have some style. [Picks up a Yogo from a short distance with his power move, and then proceeds to punch it] Use a power move, little bro.

KO: Wow! Good one!

Enid: [Gets off counter] Hey! I told you guys to clean it up, not beat it up!

KO: Come on, Enid! Play fun with us! Please? I'm your little buddy! [Squishes face]

Enid: [Rolls eyes, but smiles; Sighs] OK, KO! Pull!

KO: Fire one!

[KO throws a Yogo at Enid, and she demolishes it with her power move]

Radicles: Fire two!

[Radicles throws two Yogos up in the air, and Enid destroys them with her power move again]

KO: Go long!

[KO accidentally throws Corrosive Acid at Enid, which has a similar container design, and is right beside the Yogo. Enid is able to destroy it, which causes the acid bursts out onto her counter, dissolving it.]

Enid: [Tearful] Ah!

[Radicles and KO gasp, first look at the yogurt, and then look suprised over the Corrosive Acid beside the Yogo]

Radicles: [To KO] Enid's gonna kill you!

[A guy removes the dissolved counter from the store]

KO: E-Enid?

Enid: [Tearful] C-Counter?

Radicles: [Gasp] I think we broke Enid!

KO: Broke Enid? [Internally] By breaking her thing. People are more important than things. Sometimes, in this hero's life people are things.

[In the next scene, Enid is sitting on her new 'counter' (KO and Radicles) while putting someone's pinapple in a bag]

Enid: Have a punchtastic day. [To Radicles & KO] Thanks guys.

KO: You can always...counter on us.

Radicles: Boo!

[A train-like whistle on the wall blows steam and whistles]

Enid: Well, quitting time.

[Enid jumps off Radicles and KO. They afterwards try to get up]

Enid: Uh, no. You have to stay, you're furniture now.

Radicles & KO: [Dissapointed] Aww.

Enid: But you're my favorite furniture.

Radicles & KO: [Happily] Aww.

[Enid turns off the light and leaves the store]

[The episode ends]

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