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Gregg is one of the minor characters in the OK K.O.! series. He's usually seen loitering around the plaza with Red Action and Drupe.

Physical Appearance

Gregg is somewhat taller than KO but shorter than Enid. He has a white beak, feathers, and legs. He wears light pink shorts with matching shoes and a teal sleeveless shirt.


Gregg has low self-esteem and gave up on any dreams of being a true hero. He loiters around the plaza with a group of delinquents. Gregg is kind of a hanger-on, he mostly just squawks in support of whatever Red Action or Drupe says. He has a serious temptation for seeds and will do anything to get them.

Special Move

Gregg has no known special attacks. He just pecks his enemies when threatened.


  • He is a surprisingly good cook of many international dishes.



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