"It's Only Magic" is the end credits song for OK K.O. It was written and sung by Rebecca Sugar.


It's only magic,
Isn't it amazing when you know,
Every second that you see is,
Twenty-four connected pieces,
Thank you for coming,
Thank you for staying,
Thank you for watching the show.


  • The lyric 'Twenty-four connected pieces' refers to how many frames of drawing there are in a single second of animation.
  • Ian Jones-Quartey intended the song to be a "cool down" from the show, and at the "end of the day you felt like you had just watched a show".
  • Rebecca Sugar, the composer of the song, is also the creator of Steven Universe.
  • "T.K.O." and "You're in Control" are the only episodes to play the full version of the song in its end credits. Other episodes either play the first half or the second half of the song.


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