KO (sometimes written as K.O.) is the main protagonist in the OK K.O.! series. He fights those of Box More, with Radicles and Enid. His employer is Mr. Gar, the owner of Lakewood Plaza Turbo.


KO is always eager to battle someone, which sometimes gets him into trouble. He seems to be willing to learn about subjects other than fighting, such as friendship. He is extremely loyal to Lakewood Plaza Turbo and optimistic, willing to do whatever someone may put him to.

Special Move

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KO's Special Move, entitled the "Power-Fist Fireball"[2], is similar to that of "Goku's Kamehameha" from Dragon Ball and Monkey D. Luffy's "Gomu Gomu no Mi" from One Piece.


  • KO has become well-known from being voiced by Stephanie Nadolny throughout the series, known for the voices of Kid Goku and Kid Gohan from the Dragon Ball series.
  • KO is a nickname, taken from his first and middle initials.[3]
  • KO is allergic to mega peanuts.[4]
  • KO's name stands for "Knocked Out", it is heavily referenced to most of the popular fighting games (such as Street Fighter and Tekkem) as a finish off to the opponent.[citation needed]
  • KO's design was used as a reference for the character Ruby from Steven Universe.[5]




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