This is a transcribed copy of "KO (short)".
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[The episode's setting begins inside of Gar's Hero Supply and Bodega]

[K.O. is imagining that he is buff with an epic fire background]

K.O.: This, is me, K.O.! [KO blasts a card in his hand (with his lazer-eye beams), that is the exact same as the current scene] Ulitimate hero!

[Radicles, Enid, skeletons, and dragons appear in the background of his imagination]

Mr. Gar: KO!

[Mr. Gar snaps KO out of his imagination]

KO: Huh?

Mr. Gar: We got a trail of slime on aisle three! Four! Five! Every aisle, KO!

[There is pink slime everywhere (even on people) left behind from a big pink slug in the store]

KO: Mm!

[KO quickly mops off all the slime in the store and off the people with a mop. The OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes logo appears shortly afterwards]

KO: [Cleaning up slime from behind the pink slug as he walks] Hi, I'm K.O., and I get to work at the coolest place in the world, Lakewood Plaza Turbo! [KO is outside in front of Lakewood Plaza Turbo, heightened by an Aerial Lift] I'm a key player in a righteous battle between good and evil. [Aerial Lift lowers him]

Enid: KO, stand back!

[KO is suddenly beside Enid and Radicles, and then jumps to attack Shannon]

Enid: Wha?

[KO aims a punch at Shannon but her hammer arm smashes him into a disc. Shannon's arm goes back to normal and throws KO into the air]TBA

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