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[The episode's setting begins inside of Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega]

[K.O. is imagining that he is buff with an epic fire background]

K.O.: This, is me, [The scene phases out of a card that is in K.O.'s hand, which has an image of the exact current scene] K.O.! [KO blasts the card in his hand, with his lazer-eye beams] Ulitimate hero!

[Radicles, Enid, skeletons, and dragons appear in the background of his imagination]

Mr. Gar: KO!

[Mr. Gar snaps KO out of his imagination]

Mr. Gar: We got a trail of slime on aisle three! Four! Five! Every aisle, KO!

[There is pink slime everywhere (even on people) left behind from a big pink slug in the store]

KO: Hm!

[KO quickly mops off all the slime in the store and people with a mop. The OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes logo appears shortly afterwards]

KO: [Cleaning up slime from behind the pink slug as he walks] Hi, I'm K.O., and I get to work at the coolest place in the world, [KO is outside in front of Lakewood Plaza Turbo, heightened by an Aerial Lift] Lakewood Plaza Turbo!  [Aerial Lift lowers him as he talks] I'm a key player in a righteous battle between good and evil.

[In front of KO, Enid and Radicles are preparing to fight Shannon]

Enid: KO, stand back!

[KO is suddenly beside Enid and Radicles, and then jumps to attack Shannon]

Enid: Wha?

[KO aims a punch at Shannon but her hammer arm smashes him into a disc. Shannon's arm goes back to normal and throws KO into the air]

KO: [In the air] I bet you're wondering, "where did I get these amazing skills?"

[On the ground, still as a disc, KO rolls out onto the front of Fitness Emotions]

KO: [Back to normal, but hurt, he walks into the Dojo towards Carol] My mom runs a dojo, she gives me the lowdown on the greatest fighting moves.

Carol: [Picks up KO] Here ya go, my little dumbbell.

[Carol hands KO a juice pouch called Sun Drink]

KO: [Sips the Sun Drink] Thanks, Mommy.

[Transit. Scene]

Carol: I gotta a new move for ya, KO. The slide-kick!

[Carol does the slide-kick move a few times in a row in the shape of a square around KO]

KO: Woah! I wanna do it now!

Carol: [Lightly hits KO in the head a few times] You gotta train to master it.

KO: My whole life is training!

[The next few scenes quickly show KO doing sit ups, push ups near a waterfall, and running up and down stairs that is in the shape of a square]

KO: [Back at Fitness Emotions] Ok, I'm ready! [KO posses his body to be ready for the slide-kick] Hoo, cha! [KO successfully does the slide-kick] Yea!

[KO continuously does the slide-kick in a row]

Carol: That's my boy! Keep it up!

KO: [Still doing a slide kick] I will!

[KO crashes and makes a hole into a Fitness Emotions, which then leads him crashing into Gar's Bodega and Hero Supply]

Enid: [On the counter] Hey, KO. The boss says you gotta help set up the display.

KO: [Still slide-kicking] On it!

Radicles: [Stacking boxes together in another part of the store] Ha ha, best part of the job.

[KO comes crashing into the box stack which causes an explosion. Radicles is hurt from it, so his soul come out of him]

Radicles: Hey! I'm boxing here!

KO: [Still slide-kicking] Don't worry, I'll clean it up.

[KO crashes into the Dirt Closet, and dirt comes flying from it onto Radicles and Enid]

Radicles & Enid: Ah! KO, stop!

Radicles: You're gonna get stuck this way.

KO: [Still slide-kicking] You guys, I got thi- oh wait! I-I actually am stuck this way.

[KO crashes into many parts of the store, and then crashes into a wall, which leads him outside out into the distance; Enid and Radicles walk towards the hole KO made]

Mr. Gar: [Walks up from behind Rad & Enid] What in the blazes?! You two are staying until you clean this.

Radicles: What! But KO did it. [Points to the hole KO left out of]

[At the other end of the store, a plane come crashing into the wall. A box comes out of it, with KO and foreign country souvenirs sliding out of it; KO burps out a mini flag of Sweden]

Mr. Gar: [Impressed] Around-the-world-slide-kick. Impressive move!

[Mr. Gar goes over to the Employee of the Month wall, which only has photos of himself]

Mr. Gar: I give you, Employee of the Month! [Puts a picture of KO at the bottom of the wall]

KO: Alright!

Enid: [Walks over to KO] You know what you win? You get to clean up the whole store.

Radicles: [Walks over to Enid & KO; holding a mop & bucket] All by yourself.


[Rad puts the mop ontop of KO's head]

[The episode ends]

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