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[K.O. is running around the parking lot while Rad and Enid are sweeping up of what's left of Darrell's body]

K.O.: W-Wowee! I couldn't believe-- And did you see-- And, like, it was-- It was so-- Aah. When I'm a hero, I'm gonna be just like Mr. Gar! [Grunting, fake punching]

Enid: [Laughing] There's a lot more to being a hero than just fancy moves, kid. It takes hard work. This is us training under Mr. Gar to be great heroes.

K.O.: Whoa! So you guys are training by just, like, cleaning up garbage? Well, well, I could do that. I must do that.

[The title card appears.]

Rad: [Trying to fit one last robot part into the garbage can.] Uh, we don't just clean up garbage, kid. We also fight evil robots.[Slams the last robot piece inside the garbage can, grunting] Sometimes.

K.O.: Ooh, sometimes. But wait, that means more than one times. How can there even be so many robots?!

Enid: Take a knee, K.O. [Kneeling on one knee.]

K.O.: [Fully kneeling.]

Enid: I said knee, not knees.

K.O.: Oh, is this better? [Kneeling on one knee.]

Enid: Yes, now look. When a dumb nerd and a dumb factory love each other very much, they waste a lot of time and money making dumb robots to attack the plaza.

K.O.: Dumb nerd? Dumb nerd?! What dumb nerd!

Rad: Lord Buttman.

K.O.: Of course, the Buttman.

Enid: It's Lord Boxman. And are you seriously trying to tell me that you didn't notice that giant evil factory across the street?

[Thunder crashes, suspenseful music plays.]

K.O.: Whaaaaaaat?!

[Rad and Enid both laugh.]

Lord Boxman: [Looking out the window.] Gross.

Darrell: Aah! [Crashes through the window.] Oh, hey, dad. I'm Back!

Lord Boxman: And?

Darrell: And... I failed you.

Lord Boxman: No, you failed me! Come, Darrell, do you know why I send you robots over to destroy Lakewood Plaza? To eliminate friendship! Lakewood Plaza is crawling with friendship!

Darrell: Hey, look! More me's!

Lord Boxman: Silence! You see Darrell--

Ernesto 2199: If I could just have a sliver of your time, Lord Boxman. A client, uh, just called.

Lord Boxman: Ernesto 2199, can you not see that I'm trying to focus on getting upset about some kids across the street having fun?! [Blows up Ernesto]

[Ernestos 2403 and 2055 are laughing.]

Lord Boxman: I hate people enjoying each other.

Ernesto 2403 and Ernesto 2055: Uh...

Lord Boxman: When people enjoy each other, they don't buy evil fighting robots. This is a graph of our sales.

[Graph displays a slow decline in sales.]

Darrell: Ooh, math!

Lord Boxman: Now watch what happens when we introduce friendship to the equation. [Presses a button, the graph plummets, displaying little to no sales.] See? Friendship, lowers, our, graphs! Besides, it's just plain disgusting. [Opens a hatch to a furnace.]

Darrell: Hey, cool, fire! Is this supposed to teach me like, how friendship makes you feel?

Lord Boxman: No. [Throws Darrell's head in, closes the hatch.] It's supposed to teach you to never fail me again!

Darrell: [Sadly, while melting.] I deserve this.

[A giant claw drops another Darrell before Lord Boxman.]

Darrell: Yeah, I deserved that. But I won't fail you next time boss! [Saluting.]

Lord Boxman: Silence.

[Lord Boxman walks over to his throne.]

Lord Boxman: [Peering out the window.] Ooh, those rotten kids! [Peering out the window again.] Still alive. [Grunting.] Ooh, I just- [Babbling, whimpering, panting.]

[A "ding" sound comes from a conveyor belt.]

Shannon: Never send a 1.0 robot to do a 2.0's job, Dad. [Flips in the air, throwing razor blades, and showing off.]

Lord Boxman: Ah, Shannon. My spoiled teenage daughter. Do you have a plan?

Shannon: Of course. [Chuckles]

Lord Boxman: Then go succeed where your brother Darrell failed, and ruin those rotten kids!

Shannon: Trust me, they won't even know what hit them. [Puts on lipstick very incorrectly]

[Cuts to Rad opening boxes.]

K.O.: So, can I hang out with you guys and be friends? [Pops out of an open box.] Then I could work hard to become a great hero, too.

Rad: [Pulls K.O. out of the box.] Kid, you can't just hang out here.

K.O.: But you guys do.

Rad: [Places some sausages on a shelf.] That's 'cause it's our job.

K.O.: Oh. [Slaps Rad on his butt.] Then can I have a job, too?

Rad: Not just anyone can work here. You gotta have mad skills, like this.

[Rad shoots a levitation beam out of his finger towards some objects stacked on a shelf and re-stacks them on a higher shelf. Colewort is caught while trying to grab one of the objects and is sent through the roof.]

Rad: [Blows on his finger.] See?

K.O.: [Mesmerized] That was beautiful.

Rad: [Blushes] Yeah? [Clears his throat.] Yeah. Yeah, it was. I can show you some other cool moves if you --

Enid: Rad. Magazines. Restock them. [Picks her nose.]

K.O.: Hi Enid. I would like a job here, please.

Enid: K.O., you do not wanna spend your days looking at all this.

K.O.: Yeah, I do. I can help. I can do anything.

Enid: Oh, anything, huh? How about this?

[Enid shoots a fireball out of her foot. It ricochets all over the store until it hits a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses then fly off the shelf and land over Enid's eyes.]

K.O.: [Dumbfounded] Um... I can do this other cool thing. [Grunting] Fireball!

[K.O. tries shooting a fireball from his fist but it is not working. Enid looks amused. Colewort finally falls through the roof and breaks some pickle jars.]

Enid: Oh, man.

Colewort: I fell.

Enid: Yep, I can see that, Colewort. [Picks up some unbroken pickle jars.]

Colewort: I see the light.

K.O.: Enid, let me help.

Enid: Just a second, K.O., I'm kind of -- [Drops the pickle jars she has picked up on Colewort.]

Colewort: Ow! Ow!

Enid: [Groans]

K.O.: Uh, um...

[Potato walks by and slips on the mess.]

Potato: Aah!

Enid: Rad, mop! Now!

K.O.: Wait, I can get it.

Rad: Move it or lose it, kid. [Begins mopping.]

[Neil appears holding a loaf of bread.]

Neil: Hey, excuse me.

Rad: I'll be with you in just a second.

Neil: But it's an emergency! I don't want this bread!

K.O.: I'll do it! [Grabs the mop Rad is holding.]

Rad: [Starts tugging on the mop with K.O.] This isn't a game.

[K.O. lets go of the mop which knocks Rad into Enid.]

Enid: Whoa!

[They both fall into the pickle mess on the floor.]

Enid: Aw, gross, man!

Rad: Kid, you need to quit getting in our way.

[K.O. watches Rad and Enid while they clean themselves.]

Colewort: Whoa!

Enid: Can you all just stop?

[K.O. leaves the store with a sad expression on his face. Shannon watches K.O. leave the store from a nearby bush. Scene changes to K.O. laying on the grass outside the store.]

K.O.: [Thinking] Man, Rad and Enid are on another level. I wanna work with them so bad, but I can't even do a cool power move. I can't give up. There must be some way I could convince them to give me another chance. Maybe if I brought them a giant cake, or if I let them hold my rarest Pow cards. Maybe if I wore a baseball cap backwards. [He pictures these scenarios in the clouds.]

[Shannon appears before him with a poor disguise.]

Shannon: Excuse me. I couldn't help but notice your unemployment. You know these days if you wanna work at a place like Gar's, you gotta do something really special.

K.O.: [Disappointed] A résumé.

Shannon: No, no, no, no. I'm talking something like... infiltrating Lord Boxman's lair and maybe, like, defeating him all by yourself.

K.O.: That's a good idea, so good that Rad and Enid will have to hire me and be my friends. [Runs towards Boxmore] Thanks for the help, ominous stranger! You're the best!

Shannon: Ch'yeah, obviously. [Laughs evilly]

Enid: K.O.?

Rad: Hey K.O., where'd you go. Hey, what's that Shannon doing here?

K.O.: [Running] This is it, nothing will get in my [Abruptly stops] wa-a-ay!

[Stoplight dings, then K.O. runs on. He then runs into Boxmore where he meet more Darrells.]

K.O.: Wow. All right, a sneaking mission. Sneak, sneak, sneak. Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak.

[Runs through an open door past another Darrell.]

Darrell: Hey.

K.O.: Ha ha, perfect stealth.

Ernesto 2903: So, anyway, I told her--

[K.O. then comes in with a cardboard box on his head.]

K.O.: Beep. Boop, boop, morp, boop, blorp. [Walking off screen]

Ernesto 2903: Should we be offended by that?

[K.O. then walks into an empty area]

K.O.: Yep, if getting in was this simple, beating the Boxman fella should be easy as a slice of sweet potato pie. [Laughs]

[He then gets trapped by some metal arm restraints and gets pushed up by a metal platform. Lord Boxman then comes out from the shadows on his floating desk]

Lord Boxman: Sweet potato pie, was it?

K.O.: Who are you?

Lord Boxman: Is it not obvious?

K.O.: [Thinking] Shoot what was it again? Buttman?

[Boxman then appears above K.O.]

Lord Boxman: Lord Boxman! I've had my eye on you, you know. I see you got yourself a little friendship going with those two goons at Gar's.

K.O.: [Confused] Friendship?

Lord Boxman: Yes, it's disgusting and I hate it, and I want it destroyed!

K.O.: Y-You really think they wanna be my friend?

Lord Boxman: Not anymore. Do these look like the faces of friendship?

[Then appears a hologram from a Boxmore security camera showing Rad and Enid wait at the same stoplight with Rad holding Shannon by her leg.]

Lord Boxman: They found out you came here, K.O., and they're clearly seething with rage at having to waste their time rescuing a nuisance like you.

K.O.: They weren't supposed to come get me. I was going to beat you and prove my worth.

[The screen disappears]

Lord Boxman: All you did was fall into my trap.

K.O.: No.

Lord Boxman: Yes. And after this foolish stunt, they're gonna beat you up.

K.O.: No.

Lord Boxman: And then they'll never want to play with you ever again!

K.O.: No-o-o-o-o!

[The scene changes to Rad (still carrying Shannon) and Enid running towards Boxmore. Once inside they're seen running over a bridge. While running over the bridge Rad knocks a Darrell over the edge and Enid knocks an Ernesto over. Then they're seen running through an office past two Ernestos. While there, Enid knocks a stack of papers off a desk.]

Ernesto: Hey!

[The scene returns to K.O. and Lord Boxman, who is watching Rad and Enid on the same holographic screen.]

Lord Boxman: Prince Peach Fuzz and The Sarcasm Queen are headed right this way. Getting scared, are we?

K.O.: [Sweating nervously] Wha-- What?

Lord Boxman: Why, you see what they do to people who get in their way.

[The screen shows Rad and Enid destroy a Jethro.]

Lord Boxman: And seeing as I'd hate to get in their way, I'll just put you between us.

[Lord Boxman flips some switches and K.O. is released from his restraints. Lord Boxman then retreats a distance on his flotaing desk.

Lord Boxman: Blinds!

[Some closed blinds appear in front of Lord Boxman and he peaks through them.]

Lord Boxman: [Quietly] Now to watch from the shadows like a total creep.

K.O.: [Sadly] I guess Lord Boxman was right. Rad and Enid will never want to be my friends after this.

[Rad and Enid appear in the room. Rad throws Shannon and she lands in front of K.O.]

K.O.: Aah! [Backs away] I promise I won't get in your way again.

[Rad runs towards K.O. and K.O. flinches. Rad then dives at K.O. and grabs him.]

K.O.: [Grunts]

Lord Boxman: Yes, crush him, you oaf.

[Rad holds K.O. up.]

Rad: [Laughs] K.O.!

K.O.: Rad, you're not mad at me?

Enid: Mad at you? We came here to save you.

K.O.: [Sadly] But why would you want to save a nuisance like me?

Enid: Come on, K.O. [She grabs K.O.] You're not a nuisance. [She throws K.O. up into the air.] We like having you around!

Lord Boxman: What?!

K.O.: But aren't you guys upset that I --

Rad: Broke into Buttman's lair all by yourself? Yeah, that was pretty stupid, but it also took serious guts! [Rad slaps K.O. on his back.]

Lord Boxman: No, no, no! [Lord Boxman destroys the blinds he was hiding behind.]

Enid: And it was super brave! [Enid and K.O. high five.]

[Lord Boxman is hit in the face by an invisible force.]

Lord Boxman: [Grunts]

Rad: You got our respect! [Rad and K.O. fistbump.]

[Lord Boxman is hit by the invisible force again.]

Lord Boxman: Oh!

Rad and Enid: And our admiration! [Rad and Enid give K.O. a noogie.]

[Lord Boxman is about to get blown away.]

Lord Boxman: Aah!

Enid: But most of all,

Rad and Enid: You have our friendship! [Rad and Enid hold K.O. up.]

[The invisible force blows everything off of Lord Boxman's floating desk including Lord Boxman himself.]

Lord Boxman: [Stammering, screaming] That's impossible. Seems I've only made their friendship stronger!

K.O., Rad and Enid: [In the background] Friendship! Friendship! Friendship!

Lord Boxman: I'll have to destroy these kids later. [Presses a button on the remote he is holding]

[A Boxmore box appears underneath K.O., Rad and Enid and closes around them. The box then travels through a wormhole which then opens above Lakewood Plaza Turbo. The box falls out of the wormhole onto the ground outside Gar's. People see the box and start screaming and running away.]

Brandon: It's going down again.

[Brandon and Real Magic Skeleton run towards the box.]

Mr. Gar: More interlopers?

[The box opens and reveals K.O., Rad and Enid.]

Real Magic Skeleton: Hey, this isn't violent.

Rad: Mr. Ga--

Mr. Gar: Why aren't you two at your posts?!

Enid: We were out rescuing Brushhead here, sir! [She picks up K.O.]

Mr. Gar: Oh, okay. Now send him home and get back to work!

Enid: Aww, can't we keep him? [Shakes K.O. from side to side] He's probably really good at cleaning toilets.

Rad: He's pretty much plaza material. And we could use the extra help.

Mr. Gar: No.

Rad and Enid: What?

Mr. Gar: We don't need anymore employees! You just need to quit slacking so much. And besides, a recommendation from the two of you means squat.

[Mr. Gar walks away while saying that and ends up face to face with Carol. He gets startled.]

Carol: What about a recommendation from me? Come on Gar, just give him the job.

Mr. Gar: [Stammers] Okay fine! Hmph.

Carol: I appreciate it.

[Carol puts her hand on Mr. Gar's arm and he tenses up. The wind then blows Mr. Gar away who is still tensed up.]

Carol: Congratulations, sweetie! I'll meet you in the car. [She blows a kiss at K.O.] Mwah!

K.O.: [Confused] W-What just happened?

Enid: I think you just got hired.

[Enid pulls out a vest top and puts it on K.O. The vest top then fits itself around K.O.]

Rad: We ran out of crop tops.

K.O.: Ah. Ah! [Excitedly checks out his new vest top.] I did it!

[K.O. triumphantly pumps his fist in the air and unknowingly performs his power move which shoots off into the sky. Rad and Enid watch, amazed.]

Rad: Whoa, K.O. I didn't know you could do that.

K.O.: Do what?

[The episode ends.]

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