"My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad" is the tenth episode of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.


When a bully says his dad can beat up KO's mom, KO gladly accepts the challenge on Carol's behalf.[2]


KO and Radicles are getting food from a food truck when a bully zings KO for taking so long to order. When Radicles suggests KO zings him back, Chameleon Jr says his dad can beat up KO's dad. KO starts to argue until he remembers he doesn't have a dad, but says his mom, can beat up anybody, so KO gladly accepts the challenge on Carol's behalf. Carol is upset until KO explains what happened, and agrees to meet Chameleon Jr. and his dad, Chameleon Sr., but only to resolve the situation peacefully. When Chameleon Sr. arrives however, he wants to fight with Carol. She tries to reason with him until he insults KO, so she challenges him to a power battle. Seeing the brawl, KO finally understands what his mom was talking about and tries to offer the Dragon Dragon Burritos his mom got him to Chameleon Sr. as an apology. Chameleon Sr. eats them all, and KO, when he says he doesn't like to share, only to blow out fire breath from the burritos, freeing KO and allowing him to pull the zipper on his back, revealing Chameleon Sr. to be a large pale man in a rubber chameleon suit. He then admits to Chameleon Jr. that he was trying to live up to his expectations, but this is who he really is. Chameleon Jr. says he loves his dad no matter what, and they walk away wearing matching fedoras.





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  • The foods from the food truck are references to video games: Joe and Macaroni (Joe and Mac), Spyros Platter (Spyro the Dragon), Gnocchi Gnocchi Panic (Doki Doki Panic), and Dragon Dragon Burritos (Double Dragon).
  • At one point during the fight, Carol states to Chameleon Sr. "So long-a Sr!", a reference to Mario's quote from the game, Super Mario 64, "So long-a Bowsie!"
  • This is the second episode Enid does not appear in, the first being I Am Dendy.
    • This is also the first episode where KO and Rad appear without Enid.
    • This is also the second time where Ashly Burch (Enid) has not done voice work for an entire episode.
  • This is the first episode where KO is grounded/punished onscreen.



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