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Lpt menu

The game's menu screen.

OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo – An Action-Packed Brawler Beat 'Em Up Game is the first video game in the OK K.O.! / Lakewood Plaza Turbo franchise. It was developed by Ian Jones-Quartey and Double Stallion Games and published by Cartoon Network.

It is a free-to-play beat 'em up, and was released for iOS & Android on February 4th, 2016.


Movement demonstration

An in-game demonstration of how to move.

Attack demonstration

An in-game demonstration of how to attack.

The game uses touchscreen controls. The touchscreen functions similar to a gamepad. The left half of the screen is used for movement and will allow the player to move up, down, left, or right depending on the direction of the touch. The right half of the screen is used to perform moves in combat, talk to NPCs, and enter shops, all by simply tapping.


The game begins with KO, Enid, and Radicles fending off some Teagans and Jethros. After going through a brief tutorial, Mr. Gar appears and sends the three back to the plaza.

KO's first quest, after arriving at the plaza, is given by Mr. Gar who tasks the player to talk to Barry, an advertisement robot. If the player so chooses, they can watch an advertisement to recieve a reward. Accepting or declining has no bearing on the quest completion.


  • While the short "Lakewood Plaza Turbo" served as an animated pilot of sorts for the series, the game was intended to be a pilot of sorts as well, only in game form. Cartoon Network had never taken this approach for a show before.
  • When interacting with an NPC for the first time, an information card will appear on screen, detailing who and what they are, listing a single fact about them, and providing a quote from them.

Cultural references

Neo Riot City

  • There is a store called "Regular Shop" which is a reference to another Cartoon Network series, Regular Show. There even was a sticker of the character, Mordecai on the window of the shop.
  • There is many papers put around various parts of the city that have Steven's (from Steven Universe) face on it. It says that he is missing.
  • In one point of the city, there is a wall that has Ian JQ's name spray painted on it.
  • There is a store that is called "Double Stallion," which is the name of the company who worked on the game.


Character information

Cultural references

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