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OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes is an upcoming PC and console game based off OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. While it is unknown when the game will see its public release, it is presumed to be in the Fall of 2017, around the same time when the show is set to premiere in the US.

Okko capy celebrate.0

Promotional artwork made by Capybara Games.

It will be available on Playstation 4, XBOX One, and Windows PC.[1]



The main character and, currently, the only known playable character, will be KO.

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The player given three answer choices, each represented by a different pose.

Other featured characters include Enid, Radicles, Carol, Mr. Gar, Darrell, Shannon, and Jethro.

OKKO Capy Screen 1

KO in front of the bodega.

Pow Cards

In Let's Play Heroes, Pow Cards will be a very important feature. The player will be able to collect Pow Cards to use for trading and for gaining Powie Zowies. A Powie Zowie is available when one of the two available card slots is equipped. They are only available for use during battle and, upon use, it will summon the hero tied to the card to aid in combat. They can be used an infinite number of times in between cooldowns.

OKKO Capy Screen 2

KO fighting a Darrell, a Shannon, and a third robot with Enid and Rad Powie Zowies equipped.

Presumably, the first Pow Cards that will be made available to the player are the Enid, Radicles, Mr. Gar, and Beardo cards. Other cards can also be obtained extremely early on, as Rad will direct KO to use the Pow Card machine. KO will also have possession of his own card which, at the start of the game, is at power level 0.


A teaser shot featuring Carol and KO in the foreground with Radicles and the bodega in the distance.

Pow Card levels

  • KO: Level 0
  • Dogmun: Level 1
  • Radicles: Level 2
  • Enid: Level 3
  • Beardo: Level 5
  • Mr. Gar: Level 11


  • The game will feature full voice-acting from the voice crew of the cartoon.[2]
  • The game was made to coincide with the cartoon. As the show is made, the developers of the game gain exclusive first access to the development of each episode so it can be integrated into the game.[3]


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