Discord is a modern social chatroom served as an alternative to the Wikia chat in the wiki. The Wiki server is accessible through a web browser or an application that can be downloaded from their website. Help on how to use Discord can be found here.


  1. As the wiki, make sure you are over 13 years old to have an account on Discord before joining due to Discord's ToS and COPPA regulations. If you are over 13 years old, register your account on Discord. Afterwards, make sure the email used to register the account is verified.
  2. The widget showing the OK K.O.! Wiki Discord server can be found in the right sidebar on a normal wiki page. The “Connect” button can be found at the bottom.
  3. After joining, you’ll find yourself in the #info-rules channel. You will find the channel list on the left-hand side.
  4. You must wait ten minutes until you are able to chat. In the meanwhile, make sure you agree to the rules below.


Do not enforce (mini-mod) the rules on the chat.
  • Discord's ToS and Community Guidelines coexist with this server's rules.
  • Please use common sense and respect your fellow users. Do not impersonate other users.
  • Pinging/Mentioning a user must have an appropriate use.
  • No spamming. Excessive all-caps messages, emojis, or link-breaks should be used in moderation.
  • Do not link any dangerous websites or malicious files to jump-scare users. Do not use link shorteners to disguise the real link.
  • Listen to the moderators and admins if they ask you to stop a certain form of conduct.
  • Do not disrupt the chat, troll, or purposefully upset other users.
  • Profanity is allowed in moderation, but derogatory slurs are not allowed at all.
  • Do not post NSFW/NSFL content. Mild innuendos or jokes are allowed in moderation.
  • Please do not discuss self-harm or suicide. While we strive to assist users when we can, we are not trained in this field and many users are sensitive to this topic. If you are struggling with these issues, please seek professional help or utilize the resources provided here.
  • Advertising Discord server invites are not allowed in the main chat.

Violating these rules will result in an action up to the moderator's discretion, but the process is usually muting a user for a certain period of time before a ban is made. If someone commits an offense and is not dealt with in a timely manner (two-five minutes recommended), feel free to ping or direct message the moderators or admins so they can notice more quickly. Do not use false evidence against another user.

Rules are subjected to change if necessary


#info-rules Channel for outlining the rules and other information.
#announcements Updates concerning the wiki server, the wiki, and the show.
#social-media Sharing updates from the wiki's Twitter and Instagram.
#jail For users who have broken the rules and misbehaved in chat. They are allowed to speak about their behavior and warnings with the staff team.
Text channels
#general General discussion among users on the server.
#ok-ko discussion Discussion or critique about the show.
#spoilers-leaks Discussion about spoilers or leaks of the show. CN app releases go here.
#wiki_stuff Topic about the OK K.O.! Wiki.
#server-discussion For discussion relating to or about the server itself.
#wikia-activity Displays recent changes for the wiki. Requires Watchers role.
#danger-zone Random and chaotic memes, images, videos, and conversations in the channel.
#creative Posting fanon and artwork.
#games Topics related to video games or sports.
#bot_commands Playing around with bots on the server.
#radio A channel for users to listen to one another’s music or share music videos.
#vc-text A channel that is used to collaborate with the General voice channel.
Voice channels
General General voice discussion.
Music For listening to music. You are not allowed to speak in this channel.
AFK AFK channel. People that are inactive and in other channels will be placed here automatically after being AFK for 15 min.


Preset roles granted to a user mirrors their own status on the OK K.O.! Wiki.

Name Given to Permissions Pingable
Bureaucrats Bureaucrats Same as Administrators. No
Administrators Administrators In addition to normal staff privileges; can change and manage all server settings. Yes
Chat Moderators Chat Moderators In addition to member permissions; can kick and ban members, manage roles, nicknames, and emojis, server-widely mute and deafen members, move members to different voice channels, delete and pin messages, and mention everyone. Yes
Content Moderators Content Moderators Same as Lakewood Plazaians. Yes
Discussions Moderators Discussions Moderators Same as Lakewood Plazaians. Yes
Rollbacks Rollbacks Same as Lakewood Plazaians. Yes
Boxmore™ Bots Bots Can delete messages, kick, ban, and manage roles. No
Lakewood Plazaians Verified Users Can access standard chat and voice channels, change their nickname, embed links, attach files, use external emojis, add reactions. No
Skeleton Punished Users Can only access the #jail channel. No

Selfroles and Cosmetic Flairs

You can add and remove the roles that are made self assignable in #bot-commands. Selfroles can access a specific channel while cosmetic flairs changes the username color of regular users.

Role Information Adding role cmd Removing role cmd
Watcher Access the #wikia-activity channel. t!selfroles add Watcher t!selfroles remove Watcher
Hero Cosmetic flair to display your goodness. ?rank add Hero Same code or Villain code
Villain Cosmetic flair to display your evilness. ?rank add Villain Same code or Hero code


The Discord server utilizes several bots. They serve various purposes, all of which is listed below. Each has certain commands that a user can type to have the bot respond with a list of all the available commands it possesses.

Username Nickname Description Help Command
Dyno Darrell Fully-featured moderation and audit bot. Gives self roles. ?help
Yggdrasil Ernesto Social bot with fun commands. --help
MEE6 Jethro Social bot with a few commands. Has a customized Jethro command. !help
KawaiiBot Mikayla Social bot with fun commands. +help
Rythm Raymond Fully-featured music bot. /help
Tatsumaki Shannon Social bot with a lot of fun commands. t!help