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A Pow Card is a collectible card that is renown amongst heroes and villains in the OK K.O.! universe. Each hero and villain gets their own Pow Card which details their respective power level and stats.

Oc template

The "Official OC Template" with character bases and a Pow Card base.


A Pow Card takes on the appearance of ordinary an trading card, but instead have a digital screen displaying the information that can update at any time. In the very center is an image of the hero or villain. Below it is their name, a fact about them, and in the bottom right corner their power level is listed.

Episode Appearances

"You're Level 100!"

KO obtains his first Pow Card. Due to a glitch, it displayed his power level as "100", when in reality, it was only 0. After defeating Darrell with the help of the others in the plaza, all of whose combined power levels added up to 100, KO gained .1 of a level, bringing it up to 0.1.

"I Am Dendy"

Dendy is revealed to adore Pow Cards, having hundreds of them in her collection. Both she and KO share this interest in Pow Cards and grew closer as friends as a result.

Game Appearances

OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes

Pow Cards are collectible hero cards and can be used as "Powie Zowies." When used during battle, a Powie Zowie will summon the hero tied to the card in order to assist KO in combat. Only two Powie Zowies can be equipped at a time.


  • As a hero trains and grows stronger, the power level will automatically increase. Power levels can increase in .1 increments.

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