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Power battle crowd

A crowd gathered around KO who initiated a power battle.

A Power Battle is a special fight that is held between two opponents, the challenger and the challengee. Power battles can happen for any number of reasons, but they are always initiated by the challenger shouting "Power battle!" After finishing the phrase, a power battle will begin and seemingly cannot be ended or backed out from until the fight is over. Power battles, so far, have only been seen and named in the pilot, "Lakewood Plaza Turbo."

Lakewood Plaza Turbo

Power battle yell

KO starting a power battle.

When KO realized who the graffiti wiener was that vandalized the plaza sign, KO stepped out into the plaza and initiated a power battle, something he had tried to do earlier, but failed. After a crowd gathered, KO explained that he knew that the graffiti wiener was a Box More spy. While possibly not done intentionally, Radicles appeared to be the opponent, up until KO's Power-Fist Fireball veered around Radicles and hit a suspicious, hooded man, who was revealed to be Darrell.

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