Punching Judy is a minor hero character who, in the series, made her first appearance in "Let's Be Heroes". It is also known that she was K.O.'s babysitter.

Physical Appearance

Judy is the same height as Enid. She has vibrant green hair that goes down to her waist and somewhat dark skin. She wears a black top with matching shorts and boots and wears big red boxing gloves, which she is believed to be born with on her fists.[2]


Judy may have a rude attitude. She always punches first and never asks questions because she punches instead. In "No More Power Cards", during the brief POW Card narration, Punching Judy is described as having the heart of a fighter and the mind of a twenty-something.


Judy has a power level of 3. K.O. said in "Let's Be Heroes" that she's the toughest fighter of his neighborhood.

Fighting Powers

Judy is a well-known boxer, and all her fighting techniques consist of boxing moves, like jabs and hooks. As a result, she's unable to execute leg-based attacks, such as kicking.[2]


  • Quick Jab
  • Heavy Jab
  • Tornado Uppercut
  • Shield Breaker






  • She was K.O.'s babysitter.[2]
  • Her name could be a reference to the children's puppet show duo Punch and Judy.
  • It is possible that Punching Judy was inspired by the Punch-Out!! franchise, as her personality and special moves are extremely similar to Little Mac's.



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