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[The episode's setting begins inside of Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega]

K.O.: Hey its me, KO! Meet my greatest great friend Raidecles- I, uh, mean Radicles. Hey Rad, what's the situation?

Radicles: I'm putting these cans up on the top shelf. [Dramatically] Food can place on shelf!

[Radicles slightly pushes the can on the shelf]

KO: How do you even do that?

Radicles: If you power-up enough, everthing gets super snazzy!

KO: Rad you gotta do a super huge power-up!

Radicles: Na, c'mon!

KO: Please?

Radicles: No.

KO: Please?

Radicles: No.

KO: [Lays on the floor] Please?

[Radicles sighs and picks up KO]

Radicles: Next time we're out fighting a giant robot or something, you'll see the baddest power-up ever!

[The store starts shaking, so while Enid is stacking cans, the cans fall over, and this angers her. Afterwards, KO, Radicles, & Enid head outside to check out what's going on]

KO, Radicles, & Enid: Darrell!

Darrell: [Inside of a robot that resebles his head] That's right! Now you got to deal with my Me-Shaped-Store-Stopping giant robot!

KO: This is perfect! Rad, are you going to do a super cool power-up now?

Radicles: Step aside, buddy, here comes the snazz! [Pushes KO to the side]

KO: [Impressed] Ah!

Radicles: You picked the wrong day to attack, Darrell!

Darrell: [Intrigued] Why's that?

Radicles: 'Cause I'm about to push myself to the limit!

[When Radicles starts to power-up, a pinkish flame surrounds him]

Radicles: Ohhhhhhh! I can feel the energy coursing through me!

KO: Wow!

[Radicles continues to power-up]

Darrell: Whatever.

[Darrell's robot jumps up in the air and the arm of it aims a punch at KO, Enid & Radicles]

Darrell: Taste metal, you bozos!

[The punch leaves an indent in the ground. KO and the others are no where in sight]

Darrell: Eh?

Enid: [From behind the ground rubble with KO] KO, what is Rad doing?

[Radicles is still trying power-up, he moves up and down and starts punching]

KO: He said he would do a cool power-up for me, [squishes Enid's face] but this is too much!

Darrell: [From behind KO and Enid] Oh, there you are!

[Darrell manages to grab Enid and KO with this robot's hands]

Darrell: Hahahaha!

Enid: [To KO] You got to get Rad to stop!

[Darrell slams Enid and KO's faces together]

KO: Rad, you don't gotta do this!

Radicles: [Still powering-up] But the snazz!

KO: No Rad, I like you the way you are! [Close up of KO's mouth] You're beautiful!

Radicles: [The flames around him disappear and he blushes] Huh?

[A big pink beam blasts out of Radicles and hits Darrell's robot. All but the arms are blasted away.]

Darrell: Aw, toots

KO: Wow! Snazzy blushing, Rad.

Radicles: What? No, that wasn't blushing, it was my new attack, uh-

KO: You're beautiful.

[Radicles starts blushing again]

Enid: KO, no! Sto-

[Enid's sentance is cut off by the explosion Radicles causes]

[The episode ends]

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