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Raymond is a pointy-headed robot created by Lord Boxman. He is an enemy in OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo.


Raymond has a very flamboyant and egotistical personality, with a very cocky and condescending demeanor. He's also appears to be into sports, as he often uses sports idioms. He also has a tendency to be very over dramatic.


Raymond uses his claw-like hands to attack, as well as a barrage of sport related weapons. He can transform his arms into cannons, which can fire blasts of energy as well as rollar blades. Raymond also can fly by using rocket propulsion in his feet.





  • Raymond is only one of his siblings to call Lord Boxman "Coach" and "Coach Box Dad."
  • His mannerisms and flamboyancy is a play on the bishōnen archetype in anime and manga.
  • It's possible the Voice Actor himself came up with Raymond's name.



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