Red Action is a minor character in the OK K.O.! series, who came from the future. She can almost always be seen hanging around the plaza with her two friends, Drupe and Gregg. She's stuck in the year 201X, the time period where the OK K.O.! series occurs, due to her time machine breaking down.

Physical Appearance

Red Action appears to be slightly taller than Drupe. She has light, tan skin, green eyes and wildly fashioned, rose-colored long hair. She wears a red armor that is cut off at the bottom, exposing her midriff, a light blue collar, red shoulder pads, bracers with light blue motifs, dark gray pants, a light blue belt with a scarlet buckle, red knee pads, and a red high-heeled shoe. Her left forearm is a robotic prosthetic and her left leg, below the knee, is artificial as well.


Red Action can be very temperamental and she struggles with accepting help and praise, though she seems to appreciate it.

She loiters at the plaza with a gang of ne’er do wells. She used to have a job at the video store before it closed. She's very withholding of likes on social media.

Abilities and Powers

As a cyborg, Red is likely to have super-human strength. She's also from the future, implying that she may have access to more advanced technology than in the time period the series takes place in.

She has a power level of 4.


  • Laser Blast: Her left arm can be transformed into a cannon able to shoot a laser.





  • According to the mobile game, Red Action was traveling through time when her time machine broke. It is also revealed that she "didn't pay attention in high school, so she doesn't know about this time."
  • In "You're Everybody's Sidekick", it is known that she runs a Social Media blog.
  • It is unknown how Red Action has lost a part of her right leg, as it's possible it could have happened either before, or during the time her time machine broke. This may be revealed in a later episode.
  • Her arm canon resembles and functions like the ones seen in the Mega Man franchise.



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