The shorts of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes are short 2 minute videos that began being made and released prior to the series premiere. The first short was released on February 4, 2016 with "KO".

List of Shorts

No. Title Upload Date Prod. Code Production Company
1 "KO" February 4, 2016 501-238-001 Science SARU
KO learns a new power move, the slide kick!
2 "Enid" February 5, 2016 501-238-002 Rubber House
KO breaks something near and dear to Enid!
3 "Rad" February 6, 2016 501-238-003 Studio Yotta
Rad shows off the ultimate power move!
4 "Carol" December 13, 2016 1044-503S Science SARU
KO makes a documentary of a day in the life of his karate master mom, Carol.
5 "Enid's Bad Day" December 22, 2016 1044-501S Studio Yotta
When annoying customers overrun Enid, she unleashes a soul-sucking vortex.
6 "Barrels and Crates" December 25, 2016 1044-505S Studio Yotta
KO uses his fighting skills to open every barrel and crate in the warehouse.
7 "Rad Cries" December 29, 2016 1044-502S MUA Film
Everything Rad does, he does in an over the top amazing way, including getting emotional.
8 "Rad's Van" January 1, 2017 1044-506S Science SARU
Rad shows off his rad new minivan and its rad features!
9 "Commercial" May 3, 2017 1044-504S Studio Yotta
A commercial featuring KO, Enid and Rad is shown on TV.
10 "Power-Up!!!" May 3, 2017 1044-507S Studio Yotta
Rad gains a new power that makes everything he does happen 3 times.
11 "Dendy" May 3, 2017 1044-508S Cartoon Network Studios
KO and Dendy run away from a virtual elephant Dendy created.
12 "Boxmore Infomercial" May 3, 2017 1044-510S Powerhouse Animation
An infomercial featuring Lord Boxman is shown.
13 "Let's Do It Together!" August 2, 2017 1044-509S Digital eMation (main title part)
A look through the history of production for Lakewood Plaza Turbo and later OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.


  • Each short is animated by a different production company.
  • The thirteenth short, "Let's Do It Together", is a video showing off the history of OK K.O.! from pilot, to mobile games, to TV series, with an extended instrumental version of the theme song playing in the background. The short is available in Volume 1 on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and YouTube (CartoonNetworkEps) for free.