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[The episode begins with Enid and K.O. watching Rad with bewildered expressions.]

Rad: [In a high-pitched voice.] "I'm just gonna come out and say it, no offense." "Oh, no. What is it?" "You're so beautiful." "No, you are! I hate it!" "Why can't you just accept you're the beautiful one? Why does it always have to be me?" "Shut up! You're making me blush! I'm so upset!" "Stop it! You're making me blush! I'm so upset!" [Mr. Gar peaks out of a tile on the floor.] "Oh, my gosh. Just kiss --"

[Mr. Gar pops his head out of the floor.]

Mr. Gar: Rad, you slacker!

[Mr. Gar startles Rad. The title card appears.]

Mr. Gar: Unpack that box!

[A box appears out of another tile in the floor held up by Mr. Gar's foot. Rad dives at the box and grabs it. He unpacks the box which reveals Mr. Gar holding cat food. He throws the cat food towards Enid who scans them all and places them in a bag. Mr. Gar then appears at the counter with a check and a coupon.]

Mr. Gar: Can I pay with a check? I also have a coupon. Hurry, I've got to go home and feed my cat! Don't disappoint me.

[Enid is scared at first, but is then determined. She takes the check, scans the coupon and kicks the bag of cat food towards Mr. Gar.]

Mr. Gar: I need someone to help me into my car! K.O., chop chop! Mittens can't wait all day. Don't disappoint me, now.

K.O.: Yes sir, Mr. Old Lady, sir!

[K.O. escorts Mr. Gar out of the store while having a frightened look on his face. He then picks up Mr. Gar, puts him in his car and shuts the door.]

K.O.: Phew! [Sighs]

[K.O. returns to the store.]

Enid: How'd it go?

K.O.: Phew! Pretty alright, I think.

[Mr. Gar suddenly drives back into the store.]

Mr. Gar: [Blows on whistle] Great job with Operation Old Lady, folks.

Rad and Enid: Oh, thank goodness.

[Suddenly an alarm goes off on Mr. Gar's bracelet.]

Mr. Gar: Oh, that's my super top-secret mission alert. I'll leave you guys in charge of the store while I'm gone. [Begins to drive off.] Don't go in my office! And don't disappoint me.

[Mr. Gar drives off leaving a trail of smoke behind him. This causes K.O. Rad and Enid to cough.]

K.O.: We should definitely not go into Mr. Gar's office.

Enid: After that whole spiel? Mnh-mnh.

[All three of them stand by idly for a few seconds.]

Rad: [Still in a high-pitched voice.] "Wonder what's in his office."

Enid: It's probably got, you know... stuff... in it. Mm.

K.O.: Maybe Mr. Gar actually wants us to go in his office for training purposes. I mean, we could do our job better if we knew more about him. We could even make him proud.

Rad: [Back to his normal voice] Yeah, I mean, why else would he bring it up at all, right?

Enid: Well, since he's out doing important stuff, a peek couldn't hurt.

[K.O., Enid, and Rad appears next to Mr. Gar's office. Then, Rad opens the door.]

Rad: What? Is this it? Aah!

[Rad falls through a secret entrance to Mr. Gar's office. Then, he lands on the ground. K.O. and Enid enter through only falling and landing on Rad.]

K.O. and Enid: Whoa!

[They all see a dark room with a table, a chair, some pictures and computer monitors. Then, Rad stands up.]

Rad: Dang! No wonder he knows everything that goes on.

K.O.: [Gasps] Wow! Look! There's a photo of Mr. Gar with the President of the Universe! Wow! There he is fighting Lord Boxman! Whoa! Wait!

Enid: Whoa, who's the babe?

K.O.: That's my mom.

[Enid and Rad laughs]

K.O.: Why does Mr. Gar have a picture of my mom in his office?

Enid: Yeah, that's pretty weird, honestly.

Rad: Maybe he just has an appreciation for vintage beauty.

Mr. Gar: [On the computer monitor] Whoops, forgot my car keys.

[K.O. gasps.]

Enid: It's Mr. Gar!

Rad: We're goners!

[K.O. seats so much that he accidentally lets go of the picture of Carol. Enid struggles to catch the picture.]

Enid: Aah! Aah! Aah!

[Then, the picture is sent flying to Rad's direction.]

Rad: I'll catch it with my freeze finger! [accidentally zaps the picture instead.] Aw, dang. My bad.

Enid: Rad, you clown! Now he's seriously gonna be disappointed!

Rad: Hey, don't go accusing me. We all committed this trespassing crime together.

Enid: [Groans] True.

Rad and Enid: Oh, geez. What do we do? What do we do? What do we do?

K.O.: Hmm. We do the right thing and admit our mistake to Mr. Gar.

Enid: Uh... how about something a little less up-front? I mean, just imagine how Gar would react if we actually did that.

[Transitions to Enid's imagination]

Mr. Gar: Yo've disappointed me!

K.O., Rad, and Enid: Aah!

[Mr. Gar's voice sends them flying away from Earth to the moon. Once landed, they have been buried with gravestones on the moon. A satellite drops a flower upon their gravestones.]

[Rad shudders, transitioning to his imagination. Mr. Gar grabs a Disappointment Cannon blasting all three of them to the Unemployment Zone.]

K.O., Rad, and Enid: Aah! [A giant maggot eats them.]

[Transitions to K.O.'s imagination. K.O. is standing around a dark area with a spotlight on him.]

K.O.: I did it, sir. I went into your office when you asked me not to. I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

[Behind Mr. Gar are pink leaves falling from the tress with the breeze.]

Mr. Gar: Even though you admitted your guilt, I will always be disappointed in you, forever till the end of days. Goodbye, K.O.

[Mr. Gar turns and walks away from K.O.]

K.O.: No, no. Mr. Gar please. Don't go, Mr. Gar! No! No!

[The Earth explodes, shocking two aliens. The two aliens spoke in a foreign language which translates to "Daaaaaaaaaaaannng."]

[Back at Mr. Gar's office, K.O., Rad, and Enid shivers.]

K.O.: On second thought, why don't you two distract Mr. Gar while I try to get my mom to recreate this photo?

Rad and Enid: Hmm!

[Rad gives Enid a boost to dunk K.O. into a vent.]

Enid: Dah!

[Rad and Enid exits Mr. Gar's office quickly.]

Mr, Gar: Radicles, Enid, any particular reason you're loitering so close to my office?

Enid: We...

Rad: Uh...

Enid: were..., uh...

Rad: Practicing a new dance!

Mr. Gar: Oh, really? Let me see it.

[K.O. is crawling inside the vents.]

K.O.: [Thinking] Mr. Gar has a photo of my mom. I have so many questions, like what, when, why, and huh? But I don't have time for that. I've got to get this photo remade.

[Transitions to the Fitness Dojo.]

Carol: And one and two and punch!

[K.O. comes out from the vent and the cover hits Ginger.]

K.O.: Mom! Mom, I need you to be young and hot again!

Carol: [Chuckles nervously.] Let's go ahead and take five, girls. [Gertie and Gladys leaves the Dojo.] All right, what's going on, K.O.?

K.O.: [Sighs] Long story short, I need you to put on your old outfit and take a picture of you for my boss.

Carol: Hmm. Let's try long story medium.

K.O.: [Inhales deeply.] Pbht! Enid, Rad, and I snuck into Mr. Gar's office while he was out to learn more about him, but he came back, and we freaked out and accidentally destroyed an old photo he had of you. And I need to replace it before he sees it's gone, or he'll be really, really disappointed, and the world will explode! Help, me please!

Carol: Gar still has photos from back then?

K.O.: Were you guys friends or something?

Carol: We used to know each other.

[In Carol's flashback, it takes place on a rainy day with thunder crashing. An exterior shot of a donut shop being blasted shows, with an alarm setting off. Two pairs of legs were shown exiting from the donut shop. In the next shot, it shows a sandwich being dropped to the floor, thus ending the flashback.]

Carol: It's grown-up stuff, K.O.

K.O.: [Groans] That just gives me further questions! But I need to fix this now. Can you help me?

Carol: Sure thing, pumpkin.

K.O.: We got to hurry, though. I'm not sure how long Enid and Rad can keep Mr. Gar distracted.

[Transitions to Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega with Enid and Rad doing a dance in front of Mr. Gar.]

Enid and Rad: Ta-da! [Both panting, chuckling nervously and sweating.]

Mr. Gar: [Groaning] I give it a 7.5.

Rad: 7.5?!

Mr. Gar: Now, if you'll excuse me.

[Enid pushes Rad off to the side.]

Rad: Aah!

Enid: Mr. Gar, wait! Hey, I, uh, saw someone in the magazine aisle for like 20 minutes.

Mr. Gar: A cheapskate?!

[Transitions to the Fitness Dojo with Carol finding her outfit.]

Carol: Mm. Ha! Here it is. But I don't think it's gonna fit, K.O. Bleh!

K.O.: But we got to get that pic!

Carol: Hmm. Mama's got an idea.

[Transitions to Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega with Mr. Gar grabbing Crinkly Wrinkly.]

Mr. Gar: If you want to read monster truck books for free, then go to the library!

[Crinkly Wrinkly is shot from the Cheapskate Cannon. Displays a shot of jail, but instead, he lands in the library.]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Eee! [Screaming] Books!

Unknown person: Shh!

[Transitions back to Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega.]

Mr. Gar: I will not have no tightwads in no store of mine. No, sir. Where was I? Oh, yes. Back to my perfect office.

Rad: Mr. Gar! Mr. Gar! I... forgot.. how to... mop? [grabs a mop.] Please, oh, please, teach me how. [Scrapes the floor with the mop.]

Mr. Gar: Mm.

[Transitions to the Fitness Dojo with Carol using a camera, telling K.O. to pose.]

Carol: Okay, K.O., scotch over just a bit. Little more, peanut.

K.O.: Mom, I think Mr. Gar's gonna notice the difference.

Carol: Nonsense! You're as cute as I ever was! Now pose like I showed you. Attaboy! [takes the picture.] What a beautiful boy.

K.O.: Okay, thanks, Mom! I love you! Bye! [Exits the Fitness Dojo.]

Ginger: Such a nice boy.

[Transitions to Gar's Supply Shop & Bodega with a very floor.]

Mr. Gar: And that, my boy, is how you mop like a real hero. A shiny floor makes way for a shiny heart. All the better to blind evildoers with.

Rad: Wow! Thanks, Mr. Gar.

Mr. Gar: Unh-unh-unh-unh-unh! No time for chitchat, boy. I've got to get back to my office, which is surely as immaculate as these floors. [He grabs Rad's face pushing him out of sight, revealing Enid in his direction.]

Enid: Uh, um, um, Mr. Gar, look! Out the window!

[Mr. Gar turns around and sees nothing.]

Mr. Gar: What am I looking at?

[Out the window, Rad taps out the window to get Mr. Gar's attention. Mr. Gar turns around and sees puppets of Mr. Gar beating Lord Boxman.]

Mr. Gar: Oh. [K.O. comes out from the vents.] Hmm? [Groans]

[K.O. pants and climbs on top of the shelf.]

Mr. Gar: [Sniffs] Smells likes guilt and corn chips.

[K.O. is crawling on top of the store shelf, then he rolls off. Mr. Gar groans and sniffs. K.O. hides in-between a stack of toilet paper. Mr. Gar passes by leading K.O. to run towards his office.]

K.O.: Oh! I made it! The day is saved, and Gar is none the wiser. Yeah!

[Mr. Gar turns around and catches K.O. and K.O. runs inside to his office.]

Mr. Gar: Hmm. K.O.!

[Mr. Gar angrily walks to his office. Enid and Rad tries to stop him, yet he walks pass them. He goes inside to his office and notices K.O., Enid, and Rad already in his office and a picture of K.O. wearing Carol's old outfit.]

Mr. Gar: Huh? What is going on here?!

Enid: It was Rad! He was the first to mention it!

Rad: She said we should come down there.

Enid: I was like, "Whoa, I would never think of coming down here in a million years."

[Both speaking indistinctly leading K.O. to admit the truth.]

K.O.: Stop. We did it sir. We went into your office and accidentally destroyed the photo. Please don't be disappointed in us, sir.

Mr. Gar: K.O., I wouldn't be disappointed if you had listened in the first place. But I am very disappointed! [K.O., Enid, and Rad felt a punch.] How could you?! [He yells at them as they melted while stomping on them. Carol unexpectedly appears.]

Carol: Hey K.O., I found another copy of that photo. I thought I'd bring it over. Oh.

Mr. Gar: Uh, C-Carol. [Stammering]

Carol: Uh, right. Well, here you go.

[Carol hands Mr. Gar her photo and Mr. Gar takes it.]

Mr. Gar: Uh, yeah.

Carol: All right, well, bye. I'll see you at home later, K.O.

[Carol exits Mr. Gar's office.]

Mr. Gar: [Stammers] We are never, ever speaking of this again. Agreed?

K.O., Enid, and Rad: [Shook their heads.] Mm-hmm. Yep. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Mr. Gar: Good. Now get back to work.

[K.O., Enid, and Rad sighs and pants as they exit Mr. Gar's office. Enid pulls Rad up.]

Mr. Gar: Hmm.

[Mr. Gar takes a look at the picture and safely stores it away in one of his drawers.]

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