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"You Have to Care" is the 21st episode of Season 1 of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes and the 21st episode overall.


When an old friend of Enid's come to town, she gets the opportunity to right an ancient wrong.[1]


The episode begins with KO and Rad playing around as they kick a box around. When pass it over to Enid she lets it fall as she is laying on the counter. KO asks why Enid is so depressed she feigns it off. We soon here cheers outside of the store and see a pink tank driving through. It is soon revealed that rider Elodie a legendary hero who attends P.O.I.N.T Academy. We see many of the Plaza's patrons cheer at the sight of Elodie and applaud her. We see K.O and Rad excited to see Elodie, Elodie poses with them for a selfie when she sees Enid in the background. Enid proceeds to hide when spotted. K.O is curious as to why Enid is hiding from Elodie. Rad suggests asking flat out asking only to be beaten. While K.O tries to ask Elodie who suggests that K.O asks Enid. Enid tries to avoid the subject and explains that she doesn't care Elodie or talking about her personal problems until K.O explains it is okay to talk about problems.

We see a flashback of when Enid and Elodie were younger Enid is seen Enid practicing her ninjistu only for Elodie to show up. She asks if she practice with her to and thinks her fighting style is cool. We see a montage of Enid and Elodie hanging out over time, until one night they see a flier for the P.O.I.N.T. Academy try outs, they are both interested in entering the try outs and agree to enter as friends.





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